Feb 24, 2008

Barack in Toledo

A funny thing happened tonight on the way from the University of Toledo Savage Hall stadium, where I had just seen Barack Obama speak in front of about 9,000 people.

I dropped my camera bag with my brand new camera cell phone in the stadium seats and, while I still had my digital camera in hand, I was frantic to get that cell phone back. It was nowhere in sight when I wiggled my way back down to my seat through all the people leaving and going the other way.

I talked to Toledo police and finally found UT police, who told me to check later with their dispatch office on campus. I was distraught, lost my ride with a friend who had gone ahead to try to shake Obama's hand, borrowed the cell phone of a newspaper reporter to call home for a ride, and desperately asked a secret service man how to find the way to the Douglas Road exit. He of course told me, "I'm from Washington D.C. I don't know."

The upshot was that I found my way to the right exit, got home, suspended my cell phone service which told me I had to pay $99 for a new phone, and then called UT campus police.

"I lost a small black bag with a green cell phone in Savage Hall," I told them. "Do you have it?" I was not even remotely hopeful.

"Wait a minute," the police dispatcher said. I waited, but without hope.

She came back on. " A bag with a green cell phone? Yes, we have it here."

A numb amazement. "You have it?"

"Yes, it's here. Someone turned it in. "

Thank God, I thought, for a Barack Obama supporter, who turned in my cell phone.

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