Feb 25, 2007

Review: Chinese Astrology: Ancient Secrets for Modern Life by Sabrina Liao

An ice storm has just passed; there is crystallized snow on the ground, about an inch or so of crunchy white. No Sunday morning sounds of dogs barking, children calling, or lawnmowers running. It's winter, not summer or fall, and evidently a day for couch potatoes.
A good couch potato book is a paperback by Sabrina Liao titled Chinese Astrology: Ancient Secrets for Modern Life, by Sabrina Liao,  printed in 2000.

I am looking at some animal signs and descriptions assigned by Chinese astrology to people based on their year and date of birth.

Here's Sabrina's interpretation of the best occupations for some of the animal signs, not in any order of importance.

1. Best Occupations for the Delicate Rabbit: accountant, antique dealer, art collector, interior decorator, tailor, politician, historian, diplomat, public relations executive. Also, lawyer, librarian, pharmacist, chemist, receptionist ( maybe not).

Best Occupations for the Merry Monkey : movie star (Yes!) Bus driver, clerk, counselor, diplomat, foreign correspondent, politician, writer, town planner, nurse, theologian. Vocalist, judo instructor, stockbroker. (Maybe not).

Best Occupations for the Gentle Sheep include novelist, painter, poet, potter, musician, investor, and landscape gardener. Best Occupations for the Enthusiastic Rooster include actor, travel writer, soldier, politician, critic, teacher, and dental surgeon. What about the Chivalrous Pig? He could be a musician, personnel manager, scientist, writer, restaurateur, or civil servant.

I didn't include the 7 other animal signs out there.


  1. My lawnmower was going yesterday in sunny Florida! Three more months till hurricane season....

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