Mar 17, 2007

Secrets of Longevity- review

In his new book, a doctor of Chinese medicine, Maoshing Ni of the Yo San University in Los Angeles, gives tips on how to stay healthy through proper diet and remedies, a proper environment, exercise, and "good relationships".

The Secrets of Longevity: Hundreds of Ways to Live to Be 100 is 305 pages long. There are approximately 290 "ways to live to be 100" listed in the book. Many of the tips are well known health facts, some are plain common sense, and others are based on traditional Chinese practices and herbal medicine.

(Insomniacs may be interested in four ancient Taoist exercises to help you fall asleep - pages 249-250. The exercises are done while you lie in bed and are very simple and easy to do. )

Some nutritional tips for living longer and staying healthy include eating foods such as tomatoes, mushrooms, pineapple and papaya, any red fruit, and using spices such as ginger and garlic. The book of course explains the specific health benefits of each fruit, spice, or vegetable and the health value of each bit of advice given, advice such as eating less protein and eating less at night than during the day, and so on.

Another tip discusses the negative effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Some Chinese practices listed include avoiding raw foods in winter, doing Qigong deep breathing exercises - inhaling deeply and slowly to purify and calm - and more.

Other suggestions from the book to keep you on the longevity road: close family ties and good relationships with your neighbors! By the way, Dr. Ni is the 38th generation in his family to practice Chinese medicine.

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