May 27, 2007

May Showers. Spring Flowers, and Migrating Birds

My early summer garden is visited by birds and lots of squirrels, but also by critters that take the heads off some of my flowers!
In the garden early this morning, using new birding binoculars bought on International Migratory Bird Day at a local state park, I saw blue jays, robins with worms in their beaks, a cardinal preening on a really high television antenna, a young hawk, and a pigeon with its beige under-feathers ruffling in the wind.
I heard lovely warblers but couldn't find them among the thick leaves of surrounding oaks. The migrating songbirds are miniature in comparison to the larger robins and blue jays that stay in this area all year round.
In the garden, the rambling rosebush in the photo will be full of roses by the end of next week. The bleeding heart bush in the forefront has finished blooming, but the yellow-green ornamental euonymus bush behind it lasts all summer and into the winter. A hosta edged with yellow and a sedum plant peep out to the right of the bush.
Here are my new efforts at digital photography! Hope you enjoy the yellow-green colors of my late spring garden!
For some lovely and very artistic nature photos, see the site of photographer Blue Heron:


goldfinch said...

I'm jealous! I want to sit in the garden and have a cup of coffee with you.

Blue Heron said...

Northern gardens are so welcoming. I second sharing a cup of coffee, or perhaps tea, with you.

Blue Heron said...

Nice photography!

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