Mar 5, 2009

Book Review: French Pressed by Cleo Coyle

French Pressed
French Pressed is a coffeehouse mystery by Cleo Coyle, featuring Clare Cosi, owner of a coffeehouse in Greenwich Village, New York.

Clare keeps busy managing her shop and keeping an eye on her daughter Joy, who has just landed an internship as a cook at a well-known restaurant. Joy has caught the eye of the restaurant's famous chef Tommy Keitel, but he is married and many years Joy's senior. Clare decides to work for Chef Keitel too, providing coffee and desserts for the restaurant, just to stay close and keep an eye on Joy.

Plot: The murder of a young cook intern, a friend of Joy's, rattles everyone and Clare tries to protect her daughter while giving Joy the leeway she needs to feel independent. Joy however become the suspect in a sedond murder involving the restaurant, and Clare goes all out to prove her innocent.

This is the sixth in the popular coffeehouse series. The reader becomes caught up in the relationship between Clare and her daughter, an aspiring chef, and in the world of gourmet food, gourmet coffees, and the high-end restaurant business. An engaging novel that keeps the reader in suspense to the very end, French Pressed is well worth reading, not only for the plot but also for tips on pairing good coffee and delicious desserts.

I give this cozy mystery 4 stars.

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