Mar 22, 2009

It Happens in Threes: book review

Ruby Goodman hurriedly leaves her ex-fiance Thomas for her parents' family vacation home in the Florida Keys. In the Keys, she meets up with an old boyfriend, Michael, and a former employer, Nico. Michael uses her programming skills to help him crack Nico's money laundering business that is spread over many countries and involves millions.

The Florida trip doesn't turn out to be a nice holiday, rent free, with an old boyfriend and a job to go along with it. Ruby is in danger from Thomas, who refuses to let her go and begins to stalk her, and from another anonymous threat that also involves Michael. She also has to be wary of Nico, whose scheme she is trying to expose.

The book, It Happens in Threes, takes you from the sunny Keys to diving trips off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii. Ruby lounges around backyard pools, swims in the nude, dances suggestive hulas, and in general uses her femininity to keep the men around her interested but in check.

This book by Denise Robbins is romantic suspense, with heavy emphasis on the romance aspect. The love scenes often distract from the advancing of the plot, however, and made me impatient at times. Nevertheless, Ruby is an intriguing personality who surely knows how to use her womanly wiles to get her way, and who makes the reader want to continue the story to the very end!

The book ends with a twist to the plot. A very entertaining debut novel!

Book provided by the author for my objective review.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Very interesting. Who's the publisher? Sounds a little heavy on the umbrella drinks, but I do love a romantic suspense! Great review. Thanks for sharing.

Harvee said...

Betty: Thanks for the comment!
The publisher is L & L Dreamspell in Spring, Texas. You can click on the photo of the book; that will take you straight to Amazon info!

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