Apr 18, 2009

Melody: A Novel, review

Stacy-Deanne, author of Everlasting and Divas of the New Millennium, has written a new book, Melody: A Novel.

From the Product Description:
"Two stories of deadly passion intertwine in this gripping mystery by bestselling author Stacy-Deanne, who weaves a thrilling tale of love and death. Melody Cruz is certain her sister's new boyfriend, the wealthy, charming, and handsome Keith Taylor, has a dark past that he will do anything to hide. Wanting to protect her sister, Melody works to uncover Keith's secrets, not realizing that in doing so, she is sacrificing her own safety -- because Keith will go to any lengths to keep himself in control."

The novel introduces Brianna Morris and Steven Kemp as detectives investigating recent assaults in the city. Melody tries to protect her sister and her best friend from being victims of crime. There are surprising twists to the plot as the investigation moves in unexpected directions. The book is definitely an "adults only" novel.

Stacy-Deanne, a member of the Author's Guild, is also a model, landscape photographer, and editor. She can be reached at stacydeanne1@aol.com

Book provided by the author, for my objective review.

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