May 2, 2009

Fault Line by Barry Eisler, book review

Fault Line is a fast paced thriller with an intriguing plot and lots of action. Three people connected to a brand new computer security software, Obsidian, including the softward developer Richard Hilzoy, die suddenly, one after the other.

It begins to seem like a nasty conspiracy to Alex Treven, Hilzoy's lawyer, who gets so nervous he calls his estranged older brother Ben for help. Obsidian is being patented and is not yet on the market, but someone wants to make sure the software is never introduced to the public.

Ben works for a branch of the government in special operations, and is more capable of handling "bad guys" than the bookish Alex. Though they haven't been in touch for years, Ben flies in to San Francisco to help his brother, protecting him and his associate Sarah from the ruthless group out to destroy the Obsidian software and all the people who know about it.

The question is, why is this particular software so threatening, and to whom?

The personal relationship between the three main characters, Alex, Ben, and Sarah, adds to the interest in the book. Why is Alex and his brother Ben so antagonistic to each other and what has kept them estranged until now? Who has been the "better brother" in the family over the years? And who gets the girl in the end?

"The truth was, bad memories never died. No, at best they were quiescent, just waiting for the right circumstances to pop up like an evil jack-in-the-box and say, Miss me? Don't worry, I'm still here! And I'm not going anywhere, either. Never, ever."

This book will appeal to those who love lots of quick action, suspense, and a good plot. Eisler has also written a John Rain thriller series, one of which, Rain Fall, has been made into a movie just released in Japan.

Book provided by the publisher, for my objective review.



  1. You write really good cozy reviews. I have a hard time writing cozy/mystery reviews. I don't want to tell too much. Your review is perfect.

  2. Hi Harvee,
    Great review - thanks so much for being part of Barry's tour!

  3. Sounds like an exciting book! Good luck on your virtual book tour, Barry!

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Harvee; glad you enjoyed the book. Traveling to Istanbul to research the opening assassination sequence was a particular pleasure for me -- in fact, tax deductible travel to the places that appear in my books (Bali, Bangkok, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Macau, Manila, Paris, Phuket, and Tokyo, where I'm living now, to name a few) is one of the best aspects of writing full time.


  5. I like tax deductible travel too, Barry. LOL!

    This sounds like an excellent book. Good luck with your tour.


  6. Thanks. Barry. You are definitely giving me ideas!

  7. This sounds like a great book. I love suspense novels and always look to others for recommendations.

  8. This book is right up my alley - I love suspense & mystery.



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