Aug 10, 2009

Lucky Dollar Finds: Aug. 9

Ronnie: The Autobiography Ronnie: The Autobiography by Ronnie Wood

My Lucky Dollar Finds this week include the biography of Ronnie Wood, guitarist and member of The Rolling Stones band for over 30 years. (This book goes to my son, the music lover).

Publisher's description: " A fascinating portrait not just of the Stones but of the greatest rockers of the 1960s and beyond - from Eric Clapton to Rod Stewart, Jimmy Page to Keith Moon, Jimi Hendrix to Pete Townshend - Ronnie is a rich revelatory book." St. Martin's Press, 2007.

The People's Princess: Cherished Memories of Diana, Princess of Wales, From Those Who Knew Her Best by talk-show host Larry King is a collection of essays, published on the tenth anniversary of Diana's death, 2007. (This book goes to my sister-in-law, who loves Diana books). Publishers Weekly says at least three of the essays were written by people who never met the princess. One Amazon reviewer says the book should have been titled "From Those Who Met Her." British actress Joan Collins is one of the contributors.

Three Sisters (Charlie Moon Mysteries" by James D. Doss.

Colorado Ute rancher and tribal investigator Charlie Moon and his aunt Daisy, a Ute shaman, combine their talents to help find the killer of one of three sisters, daughter of a wealthy rancher. This mystery-thriller is number 12 in the series. St. Martin's Press, 2007. (This book is for me, a mystery lover).

What books have you been lucky enough to find for $1?

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Missy B. said...

Great finds for $1.00! I'll bet the Ron Wood biography is interesting.

lissa said...

nice finds, I don't read much mystery but the Three Sisters book sounds interesting

p.s. thanks for your visit

Anonymous said...

Hi Harvee,
the Ronnie book will probably be a good one for the music buff.
I'm posting my finds from last week, since there wasn't a post for them then. Those $1 finds are here.

Book Bird Dog said...

Great you were able to find these lucky dollar deals, Michael. They don't come by often, I understand.

Staci said...

Usually I find my great deals at the library. I picked up a Sarah Waters book for 1.00!! I get a lot of great books there for dollar or less.

Good finds!!!

Book Bird Dog said...

Nice, Staci. The Lucky $1 ones I found were new books! Truly lucky!

JoAnn said...

Great finds! The Three Sisters book sounds interesting. I found several $1 books at the library sale a couple of weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harvee, the online spot that I get the inexpensive books from is
As I mentioned before, the shipping winds up being more expensive than the book, in a lot of cases, as there are tons of books for less than $1.

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