Oct 22, 2009

Book Review: Social Lives by Wendy Walker

Social Lives Publisher's description:
Wilshire, Connecticut is the gilded enclave of Manhattan's prosperous elite, where the mansions are tastefully designed, the lawns are expertly manicured, and the streets are as hushed as the complexities in the residents' lives. While Welsher's husbands battle each other in the financial world, their wives manage their estates and raise the next elite generation. Some women are envied, some respected, and others simply tolerated. But regardless of where they stand, each woman is .... bound by the unyielding social structure that surrounds her.

My comments: Neither the plot nor the characters held my attention past the first 50 pages. I found the characters one-dimensional and the writing, as one critic put it, somewhat "pedestrian." It had a lot of potential to be a good novel.

Review book provided by St. Martin's Press.


Kristen said...

Love the flashy cover. Too bad the book didn't stand out equally for you. I'm sort of tired of the uber-rich society type novels anyway so I'll give this one a miss.

Harvee said...

Kisten: I was disappointed in the book too. I found it hard to believe that all the women in the book, some of them formerly in the workforce and all educated, could be so superficial as mothers and wives and socialites. So, I didn't believe the author. And I didn't like any of her characters.

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