Oct 18, 2009

Sunday Salon: Brrr, Chilly but Colorful Week

Am enjoying A Sportscaster's Guide to Watching Football, by former broadcaster Mark Oristano. He has written a sort of Dummy's Guide to the Game of Football, but with much more humor and personality. It's football season after all, and a good book to explain it all to unsavvy football fans like myself.

Had to bundle up all week to go outdoors. The furnace has already kicked in several times - it's 40s in the days and 30s at night. Cut all the roses that were open in the garden so they wouldn't freeze at night, and now there is a cheery bunch of pink and yellow on the table. No other flowers except some pink mums have made it this far into fall.

As for books, reviewed

Even Money by Dick and Felix Francis and

Out At Night by Susan Arnout Smith, both pretty good mysteries.

Also saw my two-year-old granddaughter on web cam this morning! It's 7:30 a.m. here in the Midwest but past her bedtime where she is, 8:30 p.m. on the other side of the globe! She is cute, if I say so myself, (smile) finally running and talking about her favorite cartoon character.

We went driving into Michigan yesterday to see the last of the yellow, orange, purple and red leaves and visited Hidden Lake Gardens, a botanical garden and park. Drove through yellow leafy woods and visited the temperate, arid, and tropical zone greenhouses in the conservatory. It's supposed to warm up sometime soon! Have a great week everyone!


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Your weather seems the same as ours burrrr.

The Christmas Cactus picture I posted--the story behind this was our neighbor had this and another huge Christmas Cactus out with his trash, and they were still alive, but sad looking. I took the pots, transplanted them and they are thriving in our home...so happy I save it :)

Have a great week. Stay warm. It is pouring here now.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, a webcam with granddaughter sounds lovely!

Your book (and review) of "Out at Night" had me wanting to pick this one up!

My Sunday Salon is here:


Suzanne Yester said...

Don't you just love this early winter!? Our furnace has been running too, and I almost put my long johns on while working outside this week! :D

Isn't the internet wonderful! Even though you are so far away, you can enjoy the company of your granddaughter anyway! (not as good as in person, but a good alternative)

Have a wonderful week!

Staci said...

You were in Michigan!!! And you didn't call! Shame on you!! I can't believe how cold it is already....going to be another bad winter I can just tell!! I have one more football game this Thursday and then I won't have to endure hours of being cold until Track season!!

Hope you have a great week!

Marie Cloutier said...

Sounds like I could use that football book :-)

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