Nov 10, 2009

Review: Savage Days Haunted Nights by Bennett Kremen

From the publisher's description:
"Savage Days Haunted Nights portrays Dorian, a man trapped in a harrowing struggle between good and evil, striving now perilously day after day to conquer this. It's an arresting tale, suspenseful and driven by forceful action from the first page to the last. Criminals, professors, socialites... and ordinary people animate every chapter of this saga, revealing some of the darkest secrets of the back streets of Chicago and New York and, in one chapter, a breathtaking adventure on a bleak, forbidding tundra in the wilds of Alaska. Revealed here also are the very deepest recesses of human character and the agonies of love amidst the moral challenges of our age." 
This unusual novel by Bennett Kremen has been compared to Crime and Punishment as it deals with a crime and the moral issues that one man struggles with. The author has used his experiences as a world traveler in writing this novel. Now living in New York City, the author has contributed articles to the New York Time Book Review and Financial Pages, to The Nation, to The Village Voice and to other publications.

His novel is printed by Arnone Press.
Review copy provided by Ariel Publicity

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  1. Crime and Punishment is one of my all time favorites. I have to check this novel out. Thanks for the review!

  2. This one sounds fascinating. Great review - certainly has me planning to look for it.

  3. Hi, Harvee! I must admit that I'm intrigued by the premise. And that yellow cover is just too elegant!

    I haven't read Crime and Punishment though, but I haven't had any bad experience yet with fictional characters named Dorian. Hehehe.

  4. Thanks Harvee for your review and for all the comments that followed. I labored mightily not to disappoint you and I hope I succeeded. Please let me know. The book's available on

    Bennett Kremen


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