Nov 8, 2009

Sunday Salon: Fall Is Here For Sure

All the leaves are off the trees, except for a good amount on a red maple in the back. Finally planted the third red barberry bush I bought about a month ago. Hope they keep that color even in summer.

Re blogging, I haven't been doing a lot of memes lately, except for a Friday Finds this past week with Sue Grafton's new book, U is for Undertow. Other memes I occasionally join are Teaser Tuesdays, A-Z Wednesday, and Booking for Thursday.

I do a Library Loot every now and then, but the only library books I have out right now are the first novel by Nahid Raschid, Foreigner, about an Iranian student's visit home after many years in the U.S., and Breathing Water, which I've finished reading.

What memes have you done this past week?


Staci said...

I do Mailbox Monday, Teaser Tuesdays/It's Tuesday..Where are You, and of course Library Loot because I love my library!

Harvee said...

Library Loot's getting pretty popular. Great support for the library. I actually borrowed Pride and Prejudice to read again.

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