Feb 12, 2010

The Pig and I by Rachel Toor: Must Reads # 1

I've always wondered what it would be like to have a pot- bellied pig for a pet. I've read they are as smart as a 3-year-old!

My Must Reads is a book I found online and decided was too entertaining to pass up.

The Pig and I The Pig and I: Why It's So Easy to Love an Animal and So Hard to Live with a Man
by Rachel Toor

The cover and title caught my attention, and then the description from Goodreads:
Funny, heartfelt, and irreverent, The Pig and I follows the hilly course of author Rachel Toor's romantic life as she falls in love with a series of pets and in and out of love with an equally eclectic string of men, many of whom bear a striking resemblance to the animals, both in looks and temperament.

From Prudence, a sweet white lab mouse who hates Rachel’s sweet, mousy actor-boyfriend Charlie, to Emma the pig, a fifty-pound force of nature that Rachel coparents with her ex-boyfriend Jonathan, we accompany Rachel as she learns how to bring into her human relationships the same kind of acceptance she so easily extends to her pets. Anyone who knows the comfort of coming home after a disastrous date or day at the office to a wagging tail or a ready purr will find The Pig and I irresistible.
The Pig and I: Why It's So Easy to Love an Animal and So Hard to Live with a Man. You can click on the title to sneak a peek through Amazon's "click to look inside" feature.

What Must Reads  have you found recently? Must Reads details a book that you can't resist, one you definitelly have to read.

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Mel u said...

As a life long cat lover, this sounds like a wonderful book-question, has any body experienced a spouse or other person being jealous of their love for their pets?

Harvee said...

Mel: I know some of us spend enormous amounts of time on the computer. That probably takes time away from our significant others. Luckily we both loved our dog, when he was alive and with us. I hope we get some interesting responses to your question!

Staci said...

I can totally understand why it's easier to love an animal!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I'm an animal lover so I can relate. Looks like fun.

Rachel said...

Hey, thanks so much for the mention of my book, The Pig and I. (Google Ego Alerts alerted me.) Best, Rachel Toor

Rachel said...

Hey, thanks so much for the nice mention of my book, The Pig and I.
Rachel Toor

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