Nov 20, 2010

Book Review: The Tapestry of Love by Rosy Thornton

The Tapestry of Love by Rosy Thornton
Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing (October 14, 2010)
Genre: Women's fiction, romance
Source: Review copy provided by the author

Product description: A rural idyll: that's what Catherine is seeking when she sells her house in England and moves to a tiny hamlet in the CĂ©vennes mountains. With her divorce in the past and her children grown, she is free to make a new start, and her dream is to set up in business as a seamstress. But this is a harsh and lonely place when you're no longer just here on holiday. There is French bureaucracy to contend with, not to mention the mountain weather, and the reserve of her neighbors, including the intriguing Patrick Castagnol. And that's before the arrival of Catherine's sister, Bryony.
My comments: I was delighted by the book, the description of the Cevennes in rural France, the story of a woman remaking her life in a new country after a divorce and after raising two children, now grown and independent. It's easy to cheer Catherine on with her plans, her new home in a tiny hamlet, and her new possible love interest, an intriguing and somewhat mysterious Frenchman, Patrick, a neighbor and another retiree.

Catherine finds a way to make a living with her interior decorating advice and her sewing for the people in the nearby farms and countryside. Work though is thwarted by French bureaucracy and the extended visits of her younger sister Bryony, which begins to blur the status of her friendship with Patrick. Overall, this a delightful novel for those who like travel, romance, and women's fiction.

About the author: Rosy Thornton is the author of three other novels, including Crossed Wires. She is a professor in Cambridge, England.

Objective rating: 4.5 out of 5


  1. yay! I'm so glad to see this get another positive review! I adored it too. :)

  2. I've seen this one around and really want to read it. Glad it's getting a thumbs up from you :)

  3. The cover is lovely and your review convincing. I am adding this to my list. I enjoy books that transort me to new places. thanks Harvee.

  4. I just did a review on one of her books which I loved. Waiting to get this one which came out recently.

  5. I've read nothing but great things about this of course I feel the need to read it!! Thanks for a great review of it!

  6. I loved this one as well -- a quiet and good read, and made me want to visit France immediately.

  7. I have received this book but haven't gotten to it yet - your review makes me want to read it now!

  8. I adored this book and I'm so pleased it's had great reviews. It's my novel of the year.

  9. Sounds like a perfect book for my senses. Love the cover definitely!


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