Dec 17, 2010

The Friday 56: Broken Birds by Jeannette Katzir


*Grab a book, any book.
*Turn to page 56.
*Find any sentence that grabs you.
*Post it.
*Link it to host Freda's Voice, here.

Broken Birds, The Story of My Momila

Broken Birds, The Story of My Momila by Jeannette Katzir, 2009

There is a truth in war: Every survivor has a story to tell. Sadly, it is very true. They have remembrances of evil too horrible to talk about, but anable to be forgotten. But, what of their children, the second and third generations? They too have stories to tell. Fortunately, their tales are not of prison guards and ovens, but of parents, who because of the war, were badly broken. Channa, a Partisan Fighter during World War II, prepares Katzir and her four siblings to survive a war that ended before they were born. Channa's rules are unbreakable: Failure means Death. Strangers mean Danger. Anyone who is not blood is a Stranger. When Channa suddenly dies, the unexpected contents of her will force her adult children to recognize the affects her guidance has had on their relationships with one another, with their created families, and with her. What was once a close-knit family is now led down the road to emotional destruction. (amazon)

"To stay alive here, you have to fight every day!" the man told Nathan.


  1. It is true for our own lives too, right? Very nice :)

  2. Now I'm curious about this one...that's an intriguing excerpt.

    Here's mine:

    (click on my name)

  3. Fight the good fight, that's right.

    Great 56! Thanks for participating!

  4. I have Broken Birds as well, but I haven't read it (much to the dismay of the dear author who sent it to me!). I'm behind in my reviews, behind in my committments, and I'm hoping I'll emerge soon after Christmas. In many ways, this sounds like such a compelling, albeit distressing, novel.


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