Apr 16, 2011

Book Review: Bullet Work by Steve O'Brien

Bullet Work

" Tim, how the hell they steal my mare off the grounds?" Hank Skelton yelled. ....

"I mean, come on, someone can bring in a trailer, load up one of my horses, and just drive right by your f--- security guard," Skelton screamed, pointing a finger at Belker. "What the hell is that?" (p. 55
Title: Bullet Work. Paperback: 349 pages.
 Publisher: A & N Publishing; 1st edition (March 22, 2011)
Source: The Cadence Group. Genre: mystery, horseracing

Comments: Intriguing look at horseracing, the stables, the men who ride, run, and keep the horses in the "backside" - behind the scenes. Intensely focused on the world of horses, those who are into horseracing will find this a fascinating novel and mystery. I would have liked some substories, subplots to add variety to the main plot.

Product Description:  "Behind the glamorous exterior of horse racing lies the gritty reality of the backside. Within this fiercely competitive world of owners, trainers, vets, and jockeys something has gone terribly wrong. As opening day approaches, one racehorse is poisoned, another has her leg crushed by a lead pipe and a third mysteriously disappears. Shock and horror grip the racing community. Then it all makes sense. Greed. Extortion.

Despite all security efforts, the brutal killings continue. For Dan Morgan it becomes personal when his precocious two-year-old filly is targeted. Dan befriends AJ Kaine, a lonely, “horse whispering” young man. AJ is a hotwalker, the lowest of jobs in the backside food chain. But AJ has a secret--perhaps a secret that can corner a killer. With AJ’s help, Dan must crack the extortion scheme or risk becoming the next victim."

Objective rating: 3.5/5

About the Author: Steve O Brien is an attorney, author, and former thoroughbred owner. Bullet Work is his second novel. It follows the critically acclaimed Elijah's Coin, recipient of nine literary awards. He lives in Washington, D.C.

Thanks to the Cadence Group for the review copy of this book.


  1. I probably would like more subplots too- it just adds to the interest and makes the book richer.


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