Apr 3, 2011

Sunday Salon: How to Catch Up?

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Now that spring is here officially even though it's still pretty chilly, there is more activity outdors. Squirrels perform acrobatic exercises to get to seed in the bird feeders. They must have been starving all winter. They gobbled everything up and left little for the birds this first round. It's still too cold to start any real gardening though. Only a few crocuses have shown their heads so far.

Since last Sunday, I've reviewed The Beloved Dead, an Arthurian Mystery by Tony Hays and also interviewed the author re his medievel history research. Not much since then but jumpiing from book to book, and on and off on my Kindle. How to catch up with the reading and my TBR pile?

Here a few new books:

The Summoner (The Dominic Grey Novels)Bullet WorkIf a Dog Could BlogStrings AttachedThe Revenge of the Radioactive Lady

The Bond: Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them   Bloody Twist

The last of the above, Bloody Twist by Carolina Garcia-Aguilera, I downloaded to my Kindle for only $2.99. It's the seventh in the Cuban-American author's mystery series featuring Lupe Solano, a feisty P.I. in Miami who wears chic Manolo Blahnik shoes, drinks mojitos, and takes you on wild rides around town and into Cuba on night forays! 

(Another P.I. I recall who wears similar shoes, by Christian Louboutin, lives and works in Paris in the Aimee Leduc mystery series by Cara Black. Amazing how these P.I.'s can go about sleuthing and catching killers perched on these expensive stilts!

Christian Louboutain heels

                                                     Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Click here to read my NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month)  shoe poem.

Yes, I've been drooling over shoes that characters in mystery novels wear. One of these would cost me half a month's salary in real life!

What books/shoes have you been drooling over this past week?


  1. I have never heard of If A Dog Could Blog but I think I have to read it! I just finished Radioactive Lady. Now I'm reading the Bee-Loud Glade.

    Have a great day!

  2. Spring is trying to squeeze past Old Man Winter here in Georgia. You've got a great selection of books there. I'm reading THE REVENGE OF THE RADIOACTIVE LADY now and it's interesting. I just finished MOURNING GLORIA by Susan Wittig Albert and enjoy it.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. I've been seeing Radioactive Lady around...it looks fascinating.

    I love the look of shoes, but not shopping for them, as I'm hard to fit. I like style AND comfort...hard to find sometimes!


  4. Can I just say that I am incredibly curious about "If a Dog Could Blog"...LOL

  5. Our crocuses are just showing up & most of the snow has melted - yay spring!!! :)

  6. What would a dog write about if he could blog?? That's too cute for words!

    I redid my craft room yesterday and got all of my books in order and found myself wanting to really dive into my own stuff. My goal for Spring Break is to get caught up on my review reading so that I can read some of my own!!

  7. I'm curious myself about "If Dog Could Blog" and now wonder why my computer is strangely turned on when I arrive home and am greeted enthusiastically by my dog. Hmmm...

    I did start to read The Bond, and even though some spots are almost too hard to read, there does seem to be a silver lining in most of what the author writes about.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I have The Summoner on my Nook waiting for me to read. If a Dog Could Blog sounds good.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  9. Those PI's must be making big bucks to afford those shoes!


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