Jun 26, 2011

Sunday Salon: Great Summer Reads

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A nice summer so far, not too hot, and with brief showers when the garden needs it! On another nice day, yesterday, we took a one-day bus tour to Chicago to see the sights, Navy Pier among them. The weather was perfect. Luckily we didn't try to eat at the annual Taste of Chicago, which had ten long lines waiting to buy food tickets and more long lines at each food kiosk. Our bus group decided the long waits were not worth it and opted to eat at other restaurants. Most of the group landed up at the Art Museum, but we sat by the Chicago River enjoying the boats, water taxis, and the views. Chicago is a great city to people watch too. Everyone wore sandals or tennis shoes, many people were speaking in different languages, and almost everyone on the streets seemed to be tourists. The city architecture also makes you want to keep looking up. Too bad we had to leave at 8 p.m. and couldn't sample the nightlife.

I reviewed some great novels last week, thrilled to be reading books that I really enjoy:
Mercy, a crime novel by Danish writer Jussi Adler-Olsen
The Sweetness of Tears, a novel by Nafisa Haji
The Art of Saying Goodbye, a novel by Ellyn Bache

In addition, I received books by authors whose work I have read and liked:
Betrayal of Trust: A J.P. Beaumont Novel by J. A. Jance
Overbite by Meg Cabot, the follow-up to Insatiable, a vampire romance I reviewed on June 10, and
a new author to me, Michael Marshall and his new thriller Killer Move.

Can't wait to sink my teeth into these, plus the other neat books I have on my shelf. What have you been reading?


  1. Chicago is one of my favorite cities. Somehow I have missed Navy Pier, however. My son visited Chicago recently and Navy Pier was one of his favorite stops. Must check this out next time I visit.

    Here's my Sunday Salon: Une Petite Visite à Paris. (And don't worry....it's in English. I just like to pretend to speak French.)

  2. I live not 30 miles from Chicago, and I've never gone to the Taste. Not once since it began in the 70's with Mayor Byrne. Isn't that hilarious? The crowds have always kept me away. I think your group made a great decisiou to eat elsewhere, and I love going to/eating at the Art Institute. It's wonderful to watch the people, too, and see all the beautiful diversity. My husband and I ride our bikes on Lake Shore Drive as a special treat once in awhile; last year, though, it was the day of the Chicago Triathalon when we brought down our bicycles. Big Mistake!!! :)

    I thoroughly enjoyed Mercy. Now I've read Eric Larson, Jo Nesbo and Jussi Adler-Olsen. I'm going to pick up some Mankell this week, to know about the 'other' famous Scandinavian crime writer. Have you read any Mankell?

  3. I've only visited Chicago in books and movies...sigh. I hate long lines, so your solution sounds perfect. Love to people watch!

    Here's what I've been reading in MY SUNDAY SALON POST

  4. Bellezza: Mandell is on my list, thanks to your tip! So is Nesbo and Larson.

    I read a South African thriller writer the other day. I think mystery writers from South Africa are beginning to make a name for themselves.

    Yes, Chicago is a great city for biking. There were a lot of bike riders out yesterday. You are lucky to be so close to the city!

  5. Thanks for visiting my Sunday Salon. I see that you're from Ohio...so am I! There don't seem to be many Ohio book bloggers. I've been to Chicago twice for conferences and have been to Navy Pier and shopping but not to the art museum. It sounds like a fun day trip. I'm reading The Last Letter by Kathleen Shoop...it's about life on the prairie and family secrets.

  6. Thanks for the recommendations :)

  7. Not too hot? Those three words sum up OUR June very precisely :(

    But I have enjoyed an Indian thriller lately, and now I am digging into an Australian police procedural - well, perhaps our cool Danish climate is not the worst choice after all?

  8. I love Chicago and so want to go back again!! I received the same package of books that you did!! Hope we both enjoy them :D

  9. Staci: we must be doing something right to get these wonderful books. Enjoy!


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