Aug 20, 2011

Button Holed: A Button Box Mystery by Kylie Logan - Opening Sentences

Title: Button Holed: A Button Box Mystery
Publisher: Berkley (2011), Paperback, 288 pages

Opening sentences can set the tone for a book and give you an idea of whether or not the book is for you!

"Here's the thing about walking into your button shop at five in the morning and running smack into a hulk of a guy wearing a black ski mask: it tends to catch a girl a little off guard.
Off guard, I sucked in a breath that was half surprise, half gasp of terror; and just inside the door of the Button Box, I froze.
For exactly two seconds.

Product description: Working out of her button shop in a Chicago brownstone, Josie Giancola has become one of the country's leading experts on buttons. Her reputation draws a Hollywood starlet to the Button Box to shop for one-of-a-kind buttons to adorn her made-to-order wedding gown.

But after the Button Box is ransacked and the actress murdered, Josie's cozy world is thrown into chaos-and a killer is out to keep Josie's lips buttoned up...permanently.

This is the first in a new series! What do you think?

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