Aug 7, 2011

Sunday Salon: Whipping those books into order

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My library in the basement has been a jumble, and now thanks to LibraryThing, I'm getting it in order, catalogued and sorted. Sort of. I've only just begun, with 2/3 of the job still to go. Gave away a few books to the library, threw away a few that were unusable, and am stacking the rest in some kind of order. This is so I can find a specific book when I want to get it. Cookbooks here, dictionaries there, women's fiction and memoirs here, and lots of mysteries over there. Wish I had more travel I can armchair world trips!

I am booked for two TLC Book Tours this month, one on Tuesday. Please come back then.

I bought at least 8 books at a library sale last week, too. Got my own copy, not too used, of The Poisonwood Bible, and several books of fiction by male and female authors whom I have never read. None of the books were mysteries!

Trying to keep cool in the outdoor pool at the Y but had to cut short my reading by poolside because of thunder yesterday. Might try again today.

What have you been reading/doing?


  1. We could only dream of cancelling our outdoor ventures because of thunder!

    Here's my Sunday Salon for this week:
    Sunday Salon: New York! New York!
    And don't forget the Readerbuzz August Giveaway!

  2. Thunder in the summer always freaks me out...I don't know why.

    We had some a week or so ago.

    I like the idea of organizing the books. I was staring at my TBRs and trying to decide what to do with them.


  3. Deb and Laural-Rain: Now it's raining, with thunder again. No outdoor swim this afternoon!

  4. Oh, to see some rain again here in Texas. Everything is crunchy and dry. At least reading is a fun A/C activity. Currently reading CLOSE YOUR EYES by Amanda Eyre Ward. Great suspense/family drama.

  5. Karen: Haven't heard of this book before, but hope you keep enjoying reading even in the hot dry weather!

  6. I loved the Poisonwood Bible. It is fun to organize our books periodically, isn't it?

  7. Diane: It's fun but also a lot of work as I've left it for so long!

  8. Sunday: rain, wind and headache.

    Well, I read half a mystery by Laura Lippman so it was not all bad, but it was really nice to feel so much better today I could catch up with the laundry, clean the kitchen and thousand other things - including a nice, long blog round.

  9. Dorte: Glad your better today. Nice to get caught up with chores and housework!

  10. We really need some rain here...we had a few showers but nothing major. I love putting my books in some type of order, but then I get distracted by one and forget what I'm doing!!!

  11. Staci: It's a major headache, but I've got to get the basement/library organized. Taking frequent breaks...


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