Sep 18, 2011

Sunday Salon: The End of Summer

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I'v been enjoying the past few days' sunny but cooler weather and nights without air conditioners. The red maple in the back has turned from purple grey-green to a  rusty color, though it's not yet in its full fall foliage. The tomato vine is full of tomatoes of all sizes though it has stopped blossoming.  My exotic hot pepper plants have produced a few thick and elongated green peppers that I am waiting to pick. I think they need to turn from green to red to be ready for cooking.

The roses are cutting back on blooms, a few chrysanthemum plants are in bud, and the giant hibiscus plant is opening all  its final buds with energy and vigor before the cold really sets in. And I am getting ready for winter by putting away summer clothes and sheets and getting out the flannels.

Last week, I read a lot and posted a few reviews:

The Dog Who Knew Too Much, a mystery by Spencer Quinn
Death of the Mantis, a mystery by Michael Stanley
Betrayal of Trust by J.A. Jance; and The Most Dangerous Thing by Laura Lippman, crime fiction novels
Help! for Writers, a manual by Roy Peter Clark
Death on Tour, a mystery by Janice Hamrick

I am now reading, thanks to my random number generator, the 10th in my pile of books: Thick as Thieves by Peter Spiegleman. Yes, I'm using an RNG to help me choose the next books to read! It has the authority to make me decide and settle on one book, otherwise I'd be still trying to make up my mind.

A lovely and surprise win in a book contest came from the author, Laura Joh Rowland,who sent The Ronin's Mistress, with a very nice handwritten note. I've read her books in the mystery series before. They are set in early 18thC Japan amd feature the Shogun's chief investigator, Sano Ichiro.

What have you been reading lately?


  1. The nights are getting cooler and I am loving the end of humidity and early fall like days. Makes me want to start using my oven again! LOL

    Have a great week Harvee.

  2. I haven't tried Laura Lippman yet. Feel like I'm missing a really good mystery author.

  3. Well I think using the RNG system to pick our next read is a great idea :O)
    Sometimes I cannot decide either :)

    I hope you enjoy your read.

  4. Roy Peter Clark will be coming to the Texas Book Festival in October of this year. I hope I will get to hear him speak.

  5. Oh, I love fall so much! We're slightly cooler here...and for the past two weekends, eating outside is possible.

    I have the new Laura Lippman and I can't wait to read it...soon!

    Enjoy your preparations for the fall. Isn't it kind of like getting ready for welcome guests?


  6. I am so glad to welcome fall, especially the cooler weather!

  7. Ooooh...I love your description of the end of summer. Living in San Diego, there is little to show the change to any season. I shall have to live vicariously through your sensory details. Feel free to post pictures.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  8. I need to trim back my rose bushes - I miss their blooms the most in the winter though.

  9. I love how you wrote about the floors and the garden slowly giving up and allowing fall to enter into the picture! I like the idea of creating a stack and then having the book chosen randomly! Hope your week goes great andnyou get in more reading!

  10. Using your RNG to choose your next book is a great idea. I may have to steal it. ;-)

  11. What a great idea using to pick your next read. I should do that instead of starting a bunch of books at the same time because I can't decide.

    Our garden is done except for the zucchini and of course our tomatoes. Like yours, the vines are loaded. It's sad to see all of it in it's way out though and preparing for winter again but such is the season.

    Hope you have a great week!

  12. To use a random generator to choose what book you review next out of your TBR pile sounds like a great idea! I may just have to utilise that myself soon.

    Congratulations on your win :)

  13. Yes, fall is definitely in the air - my favorite time of year! Sounds like you had a great reading week.

  14. I want to read Thick as Thieves! I love how you are using RNG to choose your books!

  15. Isn't it funny how we can feel accountable to an RNG? I completely understand your reasoning!

    I'm reading THE ART OF FIELDING - about 70 pages to finish it. It's very good ... (let's hope it stays that way for the next 70 pages!)

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