Oct 8, 2011

A Clutch of Cozies

Cozy mysteries are my all time favorites. I remember reading all the books in dog mysteries, gardening mysteries, bird watcher mysteries, and going on to find more and more themed series being written - puzzle mysteries, cooking mysteries, tattooing mysteries, until I gave up trying to keep track!

Here are some October new releases that I recently got from Penguin for possible review:

Title: Live Let Die: A Clueless Cook Mystery by Liz Lipperman
 A culinary reporter for a paper in Ranchero, Texas turns amateur sleuth

Title: Shoe Done It: An Accessories Mystery by Grace Carroll
 A boutique saleswoman in San Francisco becomes an amateur sleuth when a pair of heels becomes a murder clue.

Title: Murder of a Creped Suzette: A Scumble River Mystery By Denise Swanson
 School psychologist Skye Denison gets involved in two murders in her little town.

Title: The More the Terrier: A Pet Rescue Mystery by Linda O. Johnston
Pet shelter manager Lauren Vancouver works to clear her old mentor, Mamie Spelling, accused of murder.

Title: Skeleton Letters: A Scrapbooking Mystery by Laura Childs
In New Orleans, Carmela Bertrand and her friend Ava find a member of their scrapbooking circle lifeless next to a smashed statue of St. Sebastien in St. Tristan's Church, where an antique crucifix has gone missing.

What do you have in your cozy closet?


  1. I saw the title of this post and thought, wow, she's going to show us the inside of her (clothes?) closet! LOL

  2. Rhapsody: I changed my title to the original, which I had thought to be too long. But don't expect a clutch of hens in my closet now!

  3. I love cozies! These all look good to me.

  4. I adore cozy mysteries! Actually, I just got into them this year, but I was hooked right away. I'm featuring three of the books above on my blog this month. Liver Let Die is the next one I'm reading. :)

  5. Some great little Cozies. I am starting a Crime Time Wednesday post if you ever want to join in and list some of your favorite cozies, etc. I had my first one last Wednesday and featured Heat Rises, the third book in the Richard Castle series...I love Castle! :) I can put up a linky if you want to participate. I am trying to get people. :)

  6. Ladystorm: would love to join in. Crime Time Wednesdays sounds like a good idea for us crime fiction lovers.

  7. These all look great! I'm always picking up cozies for my Kindle and not getting around to reading them. I do want to get back to my Joanne Fluke series though. Hope you're having a good Sunday!


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