Oct 5, 2011

Book Feature: Katy Perry, The Unauthorized Biography by Alice Montgomery

Many books have been written about pop star Katy Perry. This is the latest, an unofficial biography of the singer from California.

Opening sentences:
Santa Barbara, 1984
When a really big new star springs out of the show business firmament, it's tempting to look back to their early childhood in order to find some clue as to what inspired their talent, drive to succeed and ability to stand out in a  vastly competitive world. Sometimes the clues are there; sometimes they're not, but it's difficult to think of a single major pop sensation who's experienced the same kind of childhood as Katy Perry, which was happy, secure and seemed to set her up for life - though not as a controversial pop star married to an equally controversial comedian=turned=actor. The contrast between Katy's past and present couldn't be more stark.

Title: Katy Perry: The Unofficial Biography
Author: Alice Montgomery
Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Michael Joseph (September 15, 2011)

Book description: Ever since the international chart-topping hit, "I Kissed a Girl", Katy Perry hasn't stopped making headlines. From reaching number one in charts worldwide to selling out concerts around the globe, her phenomenal success has propelled her to the A-list.

But it didn't always seem like she was destined for stardom. Brought up in a deeply religious community, Katy was allowed to listen only to church music. However, with her astounding musical gift, along with plenty of willpower, Katy was determined to follow her dream. Her rise to the top was cemented in 2010, when after a flurry of media gossip, she married the most controversial figure on British TV - Russell Brand. Bestselling biographer Alice Montgomery traces Katy's steps to stardom from her choir girl beginnings to her breakthrough in the music business and her secret wedding ceremony in India, to reveal the intimate story behind the most exciting and unpredictable pop star around. (from book cover)

About the author: Alice Montgomery is a freelance writer living and working in London. She writes under a pseudonym and has written other biographies, including Susan Boyle: Dreams Can Come True.

A copy of this book was sent  to me by the publisher for possible review/feature.


Jenny Girl said...

I am so not a fan of her, but I know some who are. thanks Harvee!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I just don't care about her, but like Jenny Girl said, a lot of people do.

Staci said...

I'm sure my teen nieces might be interested in this one.

bermudaonion said...

I feel old and out of it - I don't even know who Katy Perry is.

Harvee said...

I listened to some of her songs and recognized them from the radio. I actually like some of her songs!

Rebecca said...

Alice Montgomery does not check her facts. She says in this book that Dr Luke (Lukasz Gottwald) was behind Britney's hit "Baby one more time". This is completely wrong. Max Martin wrote "Baby One More Time" and co-produced it with Rami Yacoub. Dr Luke had nothing to do with "Baby One More Time". I wonder what else Alice Montgomery has made up?

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