Nov 19, 2011

Book Review: Endangered by Pamela Beason

Title: Endangered  (A Summer Westin Mystery)
Author: Pamela Beason
Publisher: Berkley; paperback
Publication date: December 6, 2011
Objective rating: 4.5/5

Sam scoffed. "Well, of course in California! People there go jogging through wild areas like they're running down Hollywood Boulevard."
In a nutshell: Sam Westin, a wildlife biologist and photojournalist doing a news feature on the mountain lions in a park in Utah, becomes involved in finding a missing two-year-old, Zack, who wandered off from his parents in the park campground. She is determined to find the child alive and prove that a human, and not the cats, were responsible for Zack's disappearance.

My comments: A lover of wildlife and the outdoors, although mostly while sitting in my armchair, I was attracted by both the cover and the title of the book. It did not disappoint. The book takes you through the canyons, mesas, plateaus of the rugged and wild park, in search of elusive mountain lions or cougars and in search of a two-year-old who might have been taken by several people - a human predator, by his father looking for ransom money, by hunters who want to be able to shoot the cats legally, or by Coyote Charlie, a reclusive and elusive hermit who lives in the wilderness.

It was a wild ride and trek with Sam and FBI investigator Chase Perez, who also becomes Sam's love interest in the novel, possibly edging out her longtime friend Adam, a news editor who seems more interested in getting a good story than he is in helping Sam.

A very enjoyable read that I recommend to all cozy readers and wilderness lovers.

A complimentary copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher.
© Harvee Lau 2011


rhapsodyinbooks said...

This actually sounds like just the kind of mystery I like, sort of like the ones featuring game wardens, where you learn a lot about other stuff in the course of figuring out the mystery. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Harvee said...

rhapsodyinbooks: I agree - the book reminds me of the J.A. Jance mysteries set in the west or the Jessica Speart novels featuring a park ranger.

Zibilee - I mistakenly deleted your comment. Glad you liked the review.

Marie Cloutier said...

Sounds kind of fun and different! thanks for the review :-)

Jenny Girl said...

Certainly different from what I read. Great review and thanks for scoop!

Pamela Beason said...

Wow! I just found this--thanks for the great review! And Harvee, Jessica Speart is one of my favorite authors, as well as Nevada Barr, Sandi Ault, CJ Box and other outdoorsy types. Lace up your hiking boots and come on out with Sam and me!

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