Nov 2, 2011

New ARCs

It was a great pleasure to  have these ARCs arrive - some solicited, others won or a surprise. Two of them were published in October; four will be published late 2011 or in 2012.

I was especially waiting to read:

Title: The World We Found: A Novel by Thrity Umrigar
 (A Shelf Awareness giveaway). Publication: January 3, 2012
The story of four women who grew up in Bombay and the indelible friendship they share.

Title: Nanjing Requiem: A Novel by Ha Jin
 (from Amazon Vine). Publication: October 18, 2011
An American missionary in the city of Nanjing tries, at times unsuccessfully, to save tens of thousands of homeless women and children in one of the darkest moments of the 20th century: the Rape of Nanjing in war torn China, 1937.

Title: Falling Together: A Novel by Marisa de los Santos
(from Amazon Vine). Publication: October 4, 2011
When three college friends reconnect at a college reunion after six years have gone by, a collision of past and present sends them on a journey across the world, one that will change everything.

Title: Helpless, a thriller by Daniel Palmer
(from the author). Publication: January 31, 2012
Navy Seal and high school soccer coach Tom Hawkins must clear his name when an anonymous blog post accuses him of sleeping with one of his players. He has to unravel lies about his past that someone may kill to keep a secret.

Title: Three Weeks in December by Audrey Schulman
(from Europa Editions). Publication: Jan. 31, 2012
Two stories set in East Africa in 1899 and 2000 are told in alternating perspectives of an American engineer and an ethnobotanist.

Title: A Vine in the Blood: A Chief Inspector Mario Silva Investigation
(from the author). Publication: Dec. 27, 2011
Three weeks before the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the soccer star Tico’s mother, is kidnapped. The pressure is on Chief Inspector Mario Silva to get her back.

Happily, four of the ARCs have been printed with the same covers as their final copies. I'm looking forward to reading all six - two set in Asia, one in Africa, one in Brazil, and two in the U.S. A good trip around the world with contemporary fiction, two thrillers, and some good literary fiction.  


  1. What a beautiful selection of books. The Unrigar one is the star of the show (for me).

  2. I can't wait for reviews of the new Umrigar!

  3. Daniel Palmer sounds so familiar. Great mix of books, enjoy.

  4. I am really excited about the Thrity Umrigar book and consider her a favorite author, so I hope you enjoy this new one! Lots of great books there!

  5. Those all look great, but I love the cover of Three Weeks in December. Enjoy your new books.

  6. I can't wait to see what you think of Nanjing Requiem. Enjoy your new books!

  7. Enjoy your books. I really want to read something by Umrigar!

  8. What great book loot/ Looking forward to the Umrigar and the new Europa (lucky you).

    We just got our internet back today after Saturday's storm, so I am thrilled I can visit your blog again.

  9. I loved Umrigar's The Space Between Us and am anxious to read the new one. Hope you enjoy all your books :)

  10. I just got The World We Found too - I can't wait to read it!


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