Jul 8, 2012

Sunday Salon: Mystery Novels and a Few Other Books

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I've been in the mood for good thrillers and mysteries lately.

'The Fear Artist
I've posted a review of The Fear Artist: A Poke Rafferty Mystery #5 and really enjoyed the book and the setting - Bangkok, a city where I lived four years in the early 1980s.

A great thriller set in exotic Bangkok that will draw you in, into the relationships between what will seem like real people, and into a political situation with what will seem a true life villain. 
A Fistful of Collars (A Chet and Bernie Mystery #5)
Spencer Quinn's ARC of A Fistful of Collars: A Chet and Bernie Mystery is a clever series which features the man and dog detective duo.

The Risk Agent (Risk Agent, #1)Another new thriller I'm reading is Ridley Pearson's The Risk Agent, a novel about business and government corruption, set in modern Shanghai.

On a different note, here are a few other books I have on my list for variety:

The Wedding Guests by Meredith Goldstein, described as

One wedding. Five nightmare guests. Five ways to ruin the happiest day of someone else's life:
- Cry uncontrollably over your ex in front of the bride and mix calming herbal remedies with copious amounts of alcohol so that it's hard to stand up - especially if you're a bridesmaid
- Dress like you are attending a funeral and look for opportunities to re-enact scenes from steamy novels
- Turn up late wearing a T-shirt covered in mud and something that looks like blood
- If you are the bride's uncle, who no one likes anyway, try to cop off with her friend who's way too young for you
- Wear a suit that stinks of chicken wings and then spend the whole reception propping up the bar. Who said going to a wedding solo couldn't be fun?

Skios: A Novel by Michael Frayn. "The master of farce turns to an exclusive island retreat for a comedy of mislaid identities, unruly passions, and demented, delicious disorder."

Laugh out loud comedy/farce set on a Greek island. Witty and clever. The plot reminds me of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors. If you like satire, you will love this spoof on academics, pretentious scientists, and those who idolize them.

Keeping cool during these hot days? I'll be indoors watching tennis today. How about you?


Jemi Fraser said...

Definitely watching the tennis too. They're closing the roof as I type. Awesome match so far!

I've been reading a lot of good rom susp lately :)

bermudaonion said...

I've heard that whole series by Spencer Quinn is good!

Judith / Leeswammes said...

I don't know any of these! I'm reading a lot of "thrillers" at the moment (between quotes because the two I read most recently weren't very thrilling). I love a good thriller that makes me compelled to keep reading!

Man of la Book said...

I really liked The Risk Agent (http://manoflabook.com/wp/?p=5498), looking forward to your review.

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Harvee,

I am a sucker for a good mystery, crime or thriller story, so all three of your choices sound good to me.

Just a few more for my reading list, which is now so long that I will soon be able to paper the walls of my office with it. At least I will be able to read the book titles and authors, as I am never going to live long enough to read the books themselves !!!

I assume the tennis you are talking about is Wimbledon. I didn't see the match as we were out working on a rare day of sunshine here in the UK. We did keep up to date on the mobile though and cried along with Andy Murray when he lost!


Vicki said...

Not familiar with any of your books. Hope you enjoy them.

Lisa said...

I got "The Wedding Guests," too. It's not my usual kind of book but it looks like it could be a fun summer read.

Vasilly said...

It sounds like you're on a reading roll! Have a good week.

Staci said...

Chet and Bernie sounds cute to me...I've been seeing it around lately so I might have to check into this series!

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