Jan 15, 2013

Y, A Novel by Marjorie Celona

Teaser Tuesdays is hosted by MizB; choose sentences at random from your current read. Identify author and title for readers.  First Chapter,  First Paragraph is hosted by Bibliophile by the Sea.

Title: Y: A Novel by Marjorie Celona
Published January 8, 2013; Free Press hardcover
Genre: contemporary fiction

Opening sentences: 
My life begins at the Y. I am born and left in front of the glass doors, and even though the sign is flipped "Closed," a man is waiting in the parking lot and he sees it all: my mother, a woman in navy coveralls, emerges from behind Christ Church Cathedral with a bundle wrapped in gray, her body bent in  the cold wet wind of the summer morning. Her mouth is open as if she is screaming, but there is no sound here, just the calls of birds. 
Publisher's description:
Y. That perfect letter. The wishbone, fork in the road, empty wineglass. The question we ask over and over. Why? . . . My life begins at the Y.” So opens Marjorie Celona’s debut about a wise-beyond-her-years foster child abandoned as a newborn on the doorstep of the local YMCA. Swaddled in a dirty gray sweatshirt with nothing but a Swiss Army knife tucked between her feet, little Shannon is discovered by a man who catches only a glimpse of her troubled mother as she disappears from view. That morning, all three lives are forever changed.

Bounced between foster homes, Shannon endures abuse and neglect until she finally finds stability with Miranda, a single mother with a free-spirited daughter of her own. Yet Shannon defines life on her own terms, refusing to settle down, and never stops longing to uncover her roots—especially the stubborn question of why her mother would abandon her on the day she was born.

Would you keep reading, based on the opening sentences of the book? 


  1. I would absolutely keep reading this based upon those sentences. The writing seems almost poetic but a little disturbing. This could be a great book.

    This "Book Teaser" concept is great idea!

  2. This sounds like something I would read. I love a good hardscrabble story. Great cover too!

  3. I am reading this one right now, and having a lot of success with it. It is truly an intriguing story. I hope that you continue onward with it, and that you enjoy it!!

  4. What a tragic beginning in this world.

  5. I would read this one, it sounds good. Pretty cover too.

  6. I'd read more. This sounds like a touching book.

  7. It sounds interesting and the cover is so pretty. I wish I wasn't such a sucker for an interesting cover, but oh well!

  8. So intriguing! I think I'm going to have to pick up this book sometime.

    My TT

  9. I think I would, especially knowing a little bit more about the book!

  10. This sounds like a book I'd love, especially after reading your teaser. Great post.
    My Teaser is from THE STORYTELLER.

  11. Great teaser! I didn't hear about this one.

  12. I've always loved stories about babies left at the door step. It's a story-line that can go anywhere. Yes, I'd keep reading.

  13. I've heard some really great things about this book. I should check it out. Thanks for the teaser. ;)

  14. I haven't heard of this book before but the snippet has me intrigued!

  15. Not my typically read but the teaser has me changing my mind.


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