Feb 10, 2013

Sunday Salon: Happy Lunar New Year

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Courtesy of China Highlights.com

Happy Chinese New Year of the Water Snake, or Happy Spring Festival as China celebrates fifteen days of the new lunar year.

We're having fun today with Chinese foods. We made sticky-rice cakes yesterday, a simple recipe with rice flour, brown sugar, and dried fruit, steamed - a traditional new year's food. We also plan to have jiaozi , Chinese dumplings stuffed with ground pork, chopped green onions, and vegetables. We bought a bag of these at the Asian market as it's too complicated to make them on short notice. And of course, we will have oodles of noodles, symbols of longevity!

I think all the Chinese restaurants will be closed today, at least in the U.S., (I can't tell about Canada) so although it's a Sunday, it's probably not a day to try to get any Chinese food that you don't make yourself!

I posted a review of The Aviator's Wife, a novel that I found very satisfying - good storytelling, historical information and insight into what the intimate and personal lives of Charles Lindbergh and his wife Anne Morrow Lindbergh must have been like. It's on the NY Times bestseller list too.

I also reviewed a crime novel set in Brazil, Perfect Hatred, the sixth of the Chief Inspector Mario Silva mystery series by Leighton Gage. It tells a lot about politics and corruption in Brazil and relationships with nearby countries. Pick up the series, especially if you plan on going to Rio for the 2016 Olympics, but I don't think it will scare you away from going!

My reading tastes have broadened slightly and I am now reading more YA fantasy, in addition to general women's fiction. I have started The Farm by Emily McKay, about a girl trying to escape a death camp or farm prison, a futuristic novel. I haven't read far enough as yet to describe the novel as dystopic. It certainly doesn't seem to be anyone's paradise, except for the predators'.

I'm also reading a jaunty novel, Whip Smart by Kit Brennan, for a book tour. The book is based on the real life adventures of 19th century Lola Montez. set in France, England, and Spain. It's a galloping romp so far!

My cup of coffee with a mix of almond and soy milk added is heating up. Better get to it! Have a great Sunday, everyone, whether you plan on reading or eating, or both.


  1. Happy Happy Chinese New Year! We drink our coffee the same way then, with almond milk :)
    Enjoy your Sunday and your books. The Farm sounds good.

  2. Happy Chinese New Year! I'm hoping to spend a quiet day today here at home. Maybe I'll even stay in my pj's all day!

    Oh, and maybe I'll read. Maybe I'll read all day.

  3. Everyone is reading more than I am these days. I may pick up the Brazilian mystery you mention.

    Are Chinese restaurants really closed for the day? I thought Chinese restaurants never closed. ;-)

  4. Happy New Year to you! Enjoy those dumplings - they sound delicious.

  5. Happy Chinese New Year! I love Chinese food!

    BTW: The Chinese restaurants in my area are open today.

  6. I enjoyed Chinese New Year the most ever when I was living in San Francisco...way back in the day. Happy New Year!

    And I have heard such good things about The Aviator's Wife, which is on my wish list.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. Vicki: Yes, I see that there are restaurants and Chinese grocery shops still open in some places!

  8. Happy Sunday and Chinese New Year! I hope your day is relaxing.

  9. Thursday we had our monthly celebration at work and the theme was the Chinese New Year. My Chinese coworker made some little egg/custard type tarts, varieties of tea and rice cookies. I only had (1) cookie as I'm trying to be good:)

    Happy New Year.

  10. Happy Lunar New Year!

    My wife and I actually tried to get into an open Chinese Restaurant on this date a few years ago in New York. It was open but so crowded we could not get in! Best to cook at home.

  11. Happy Chinese New Year! It sounds as though you had a great day with all that yummy food!

  12. Happy New Year, Harvee. I hope you had a good celebration!

  13. Seems really delicious!


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