Apr 21, 2013

Sunday Salon: Spring Has Sprung

The Sunday Salon.com Welcome to the Sunday Salon! Also submitted to It's Monday; What Are You Reading? at Book Journey, and Mailbox Monday at MariReads.

Spring seems to have arrived after a scare of snow flurries early yesterday. The sun is out for the most part and robins are busy making nests. The dark-eyed juncos that stopped by the backyard for about a week are mostly gone, probably to their summer grounds in Canada and into the Arctic. I also noticed an Eastern towhee outside the window a few days ago. These upper areas are its breeding grounds; it lives permanently further south.

Spring cleaning is going pretty well. Organizing and clearing out the basement is slow but steady. I may have space to sit and read comfortably down there soon!

Library books I've borrowed include:
Scarlet: Lunar Chronicles #2 by Marissa Meyer, a sci-fi fantasy based on the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood
The Man Who Turned Both Cheeks by Gillian Royes, a mystery novel set in Jamaica

What was in my mailbox?

Three ARCs:
The Girl Who Married an Eagle by Tamar Myers, the third and final mystery novel in the series set in the Belgian Congo
Slingshot: A Spy Catcher Novel by Matthew Dunn, a thriller
Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich, a romantic comedy

A memoirOnce Upon a Gypsy Moon by Michael Hurley - his two-year journey on a sailboat from Maryland south.

A mystery: Oscar Wilde and the Murders at Reading Gaol by Gyles Brandreth, sixth in the mystery series

Am almost finished with The Great Escape: A Novel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips for a book tour on Wednesday. Come back then to see my comments!

I have started yoga again after a winter break and back to a new teacher at the gym who is turning out okay, though I miss the Swami who teaches at the yoga studio. There are also good online yoga videos.

What's on your plate this Sunday, besides breathing sighs of relief that the tragic events in Boston are basically over?


  1. I love this time of year too when the birds are chirping and the flower buds are blossoming.
    The Stephanie Evanovich looks good, happy reading!
    Definitely breathing a sigh of relief that they caught the second suspect. And just trying to get some reading in this quiet Sunday.

  2. I love spring, too, although it doesn't last long here, with summer on its heels.

    I like the look of Big Girl Panties...I'm adding it to my list.


  3. I'm a winter person but I have to admit that I'm enjoying the beginning of spring. All of your books look good! I love the title of The Girl Who Married an Eagle. Happy reading.

  4. I'm enjoying spring, too. The cherries and dogwoods are flowering, and the azaleas are budding (and some are already blooming.) The birds are nesting (one family is in our rain gutter, which is problematic) and singing and coming to the feeder so I can enjoy their beauty!

    Love the title of "Big Girl Panties" -- sounds funny.

    Thank you for stopping by my Sunday Post earlier today!

  5. Glad you were able to get a space cleared out in the basement. Today wasn't too bad was it? I spent a few hours outside reading and watching the dogs play.

  6. I was offered Once Upon A Gypsy Moon, too, and am greatly intrigued by the concept. I'd love to read your thoughts on his journey once you've read the book (I had to decline because I'm absolutely buried with finishing the school year and previous committments). It looks like you have great titles ahead!

  7. Like your mix of genres. Enjoy them all.

  8. It's the beginning of Autumn (Fall) here but I am loving the cooler, crisp weather

    I am definitely adding Big Girl Panties to my wishlist!

    Have a great reading week!
    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  9. We're having some spring like weather which is unusual. We usually just skip spring and go right to summer. The Girl Who Married and Eagle and Once Upon a Gypsy Moon both look great!

  10. I love the covers you posted. Big hugs to the birdies, hope you dodge deep snow.

  11. Just dropping in from Sheilas meme over at the Book Journey. I love the sound of the Oscar Wilde mystery and I'm off to check that out now, thanks for that. Enjoy your week.

  12. It seems the weather is still in transition for you. Enjoy your reading this week! You've got plenty to choose from. :)

  13. We are just getting a peak of spring...can't wait for more greenery and flowers to bloom. I just got Big Girl Panties in the mail today. It's not a book that I'd want to read with anybody looking at the title:) It will definitely get some attention!!

  14. I've got a copy of Big Girl Panties too... looks like a fun read.

    I wish spring would hurry up and get here. I still have a few Juncos in my yard and have yet to see a Towhee but lots of other migrants are making their way through the Midwest. On my walk today I saw flocks of Kinglets and Yellow-rumped Warblers.

  15. It has been a bit cold here for spring but I am glad that the snow is over.

    I looked up the Lunar Chronicles and it looks to be a very interesting series. Based on the description it looks like may be just a little reminiscent of Robert Heinlein's the Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Have you that?

  16. Brian: Haven't heard of Robert Heinlein's the Moon is a Harsh Mistress but if it's like the Lunar Chronicles, I'd probably enjoy it. Another one for my library trips!

  17. I had nothing going on Sunday but I stayed off of the computer, which meant no Sunday Salon post for the week. Oh well! The weather was warm. Over 80 degrees and it was so nice and breezy. I just opened the windows and read Orphan Train for a book tour. It felt wonderful!

  18. Sun is out here, but still cold.

    Nice mailbox....ENJOY!!!!

    I just got back in to town and missed all the fun. Going to try to visit everyone...better late than never I guess. :)

    Silver's Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday

  19. It's gotten cold her the last 4 days (50), but tomorrow 70's so I'll take that...LOL

    I need to try yoga. Enjoy your new books and have a great week.

  20. It has been a chilly spring here in south Texas. I just can't imagine how chilly it must be in more northerly areas.

  21. It is still winter here today. We actually may see flurries tonight. I hope spring comes soon!


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