Jul 30, 2013

First Chapter: Ask Bob by Peter Gethers

Teaser Tuesdays  is hosted by MizB; choose sentences from your current read and identify author and title for readers.  First Chapter, First Paragraph is hosted by Bibliophile by the Sea.

Opening paragraph:
Dear Dr. Bob:
Our son just went off to college and my wife and I are suffering a bit from Empty Nest Syndrome. I want to get a dog to help ease the blow. I'm a serious bike rider and love the idea of a little four-legged buy running along beside me on my Saturday bike jaunts. The problem is, my wife is dead set against it. She feels the responsibility of taking care of him will fall on her.... I'm thinking of getting one anyway, taking the gamble that he'll grow on her. Got an opinion?
--A Hoped-to-Be Pet Owner in the Near Future
Page 56:
As usual, Ted didn't have money of his own; to my knowledge, he'd landed only one acting job since moving to L.A., a small part in an experimental play at a non-for-profit theater. But Ted did have superb taste, and that was very much his own.
Title: Ask Bob: A Novel by Peter Gethers
To be published August 6, 2013; Henry Holt
Publisher's book description: "Dr. Robert Heller is one of New York City’s leading veterinarians, and his “Ask Dr. Bob” advice column is hugely popular among pet-lovers. Yet Dr. Bob understands animals a lot better than people, and he definitely could use some advice of his own—especially when it comes to his family. "

Based on the opening paragraph and the teaser and the excerpt from the publisher's description, would you keep reading? 


  1. Oh, I do like how the intro introduces us to Dr. Bob through his column, even though we don't see his response. We get a feeling for the kind of advice he will give.

    Thanks for sharing...and here's MY TUESDAY MEMES POST

  2. Sounds good. Here is my TT http://newpaperadventures.blogspot.com/2013/07/teaser-tuesday-july-30-2013.html

  3. Sounds good, I would read on!


  4. I'd read more--i am a dog fan!!

    Aloha, Harvee!

  5. I would definitely keep reading - this sounds great!

  6. I like the intro a lot, love the cover and got a copy in the mail the other day -- keep reading; it sounds terrific.

    Thanks for joining us this week.

  7. The intro grabbed me more than the teaser. Enjoy.


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