Sep 20, 2013

The Other Room by Kim Triedman

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It's what her father does best: insinuate himself into other people's relationships. She knows he is right: that she should call, that she has allowed her twin sister to drift out of her field of vision, but she resents the intrusion. His presumption of righteousness.

"Yvonne's been good to you, Claudie. Don't you forget that." (p. 56)
Title: The Other Room by Kim Triedman
To be published October 8, 2013; Owl Canyon Press
Genre: fiction

Book description: Three years after the sudden, mysterious death of their 1-year-old daughter Lily, Josef Coleman, a high-strung New York surgeon, and his editor wife Claudia Macinnes remain mired in anguish and grief. Their mourning has left them reaching out for different things in different ways: Josef for a primal, physical connection that Claudia can no longer bear, and Claudia for a connection of the soul that Josef has never really known how to offer. To numb his pain and attempt to fill the gaping hole of loss, Josef turns to a young surgical nurse named Kiera; Claudia, meanwhile, is drawn into what seems like an unrequited fantasy about her psychotherapist, Stuart. The time she spends in his office--this sole "other room" where she can allow herself to project into the future--becomes a rare bright spot in her weeks. (publisher)

About the author: Kim Triedman is a poet and novelist who has won numerous honors and awards. "I have three books coming out in 2013 -- one novel and two poetry collections. My first full-length poetry collection, "Plum(b)," is to be released in early 2013 by Main Street Rag Press. My first novel, "The Other Room," is forthcoming from Owl Canyon Press in October 2013. My second poetry collection, "Hadestown," is due out in or around November from WordTech Communications."

A note:  Just love the very artistic cover of this book. I only wish the book had been printed in larger print or in a bolder font, as it was difficult to read (with my bad eyes). I may have to finish it as an e-book.

I received a complimentary copy for review.


  1. Twins seem to be a trend in books right now. This sounds good!

  2. Sounds like a book that has really well crafted and interesting characters. Please do let us know what your final thoughts are on it.

    i agree about the cover, I really like it.

  3. Sometimes when parents try to help, it feels like they are just in the way :(

    Here's mine

  4. Would be hard not to feel resentment in that situation.
    Happy weekend!

  5. I don't think it would make me happy to have my father putting his nose in my business. It could get annoying.

  6. Terrific "56"! I hope you enjoy this book, Harvee.

  7. This sounds interesting and I like the cover. Happy reading.


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