Oct 1, 2013

Book Review: Murder by Syllabub by Kathleen Delaney

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Title: Murder By Syllabub: An Ellen McKenzie Mystery by Kathleen Delaney
Published July 1, 2013; Camel Press
Genre: cozy mystery

I found out that syllabub has nothing to do with education and lesson plans (as in syllabus) but is an old fashioned British dessert, made with cream, sugar, white wine or sherry, and an infusion of lemon. In the case of this mystery murder, poison is administered by means of this sweet dessert.
It's a drink. A sweet dessert drink. The colonials loved it." (p. 45)
Ellen McKenzie and her Aunt Mary travel from California to an old plantation house in Virginia owned by Aunt Mary's friend Elizabeth. Elizabeth thinks the house is haunted by a ghost in colonial costume and feels threatened when a crate falls and narrowly misses her. She is so distraught that Ellen and Aunt Mary fly to console her and to find out what the mystery is. The plot thickens when Elizabeth's stepson is found dead in the house, poisoned by a glass of syllabub.

Those who love colonial history will enjoy the references to that period of time, its costumes, way of life, and food. While the mystery plot is standard fare, the novel is made unique by the setting and the historical research done by the author.

Kathleen Delaney has written four previous Ellen McKenzie Real Estate mysteries, but has never before transported her characters out of California. She visited Colonial Williamsburg several times and Murder by Syllabub came into being. Kathleen lived most of her life in California but now resides in Georgia. You can find her at http://delaney.camelpress.com

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  1. At the very least I really want to try Syllabub now!

  2. Enjoyed your review. The dessert (minus the poison of course) sounds yummy. I'm looking forward to reading this book.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. I love the sound (and look) of this...I want to read more! Thanks for sharing, and here's MY TUESDAY MEMES POST

    I will be interviewing Kathleen on 10/23 at Dames of Dialogue blog (http://damesofdialogue.wordpress.com/)

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    I need to try a Syllabub too1

  5. I learned a new word today (and it's not even Wednesday!). I'm glad you enjoyed this cozy mystery, Harvee.

  6. Colonial-era ghosts! Sounds like a charming cozy. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This sounds like a great cozy! And lol...I thought syllabus at first.

  8. I've never heard of syllabub before.

  9. I love colonial history. This book sounds great and I love the cover.


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