Oct 22, 2013

First Chapter: The Edwin Drood Murders by Christopher Lord

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Title: The Edwin Drood Murders (A Dickens Junction Mystery) by Christopher Lord
Published September 24, 2013; Harrison Thurman Books
Genre: mystery
"So, having seen the Star of Stockholm years ago in Malmo, part of my interest in coming here was to see the Heart for myself," she said. "Gem cutters around the world comment on its perfect facets and the artistry of the diamond settings."

"My goodness," Osma said to Simon. "I feel as if I'm on Antiques Roadshow." (p. 76)
Opening paragraph:
Quilpy's Quill, April 2

I've been blogging for-EVAH bout the upcoming Droodist conference. I got my press pass and registration today!! Quilpy can't afford a Columbia River-view room at the fabulous Hotel Elliott in Astoria, but I'll be there with Dingley Dell bells on! Click below to learn how you can $upport Quilpy's Quest for a Queen (-size bed, that is).

Would you keep reading on? Here is the book description:
The Droodists have arrived in Astoria, Oregon, for their latest convention to discuss Charles Dickens's last uncompleted novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, and local bookstore owner Simon Alastair has his hands full as co-chair. A movie star, a pesky blogger, dueling scholars, a stage hypnotist, and an old family friend (among others) all have claims on Simon's time. In addition, some Droodists are clearly more -or less- than they appear, including a mysterious young man by the improbable name of Edwin Drood.

When a priceless ring and a rare Dickensian artifact go missing, Simon and his reporter-partner Zach Benjamin learn that someone will do anything-including murder-to obtain an object of desire. The Edwin Drood Murders is the new mystery series that began with The Christmas Carol Murders.

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  1. Great teaser and interesting novel! I like the idea of Droodists. I might look into these mysteries. Thanks for sharing :)

    Here's my teaser.

  2. Oh, great! You had me at bookstore owner and pesky blogger...lol; and I love books set in Oregon. Here's MY TUESDAY MEMES POST

  3. I've been wanting to read this one! It sounds so good. I haven't read the first in the series, but I want to read that one as well.

  4. I like the setting. Sounds like a fun and entertaining novel. Enjoy.

  5. Connected to The Mystery of Erwin Drood? How?

  6. I don't know if I could keep reading. That beginning just sounds a little too cutesy.

  7. That opening doesn't appeal to me, but I hope you enjoy it :-)

  8. I like books with humor so this sounds like a story I'd enjoy. Besides, Astoria, Oregon, is a great setting!
    My Teaser is from PEACE BY PIECE.

  9. Sounds a little edgy; I'd keep reading. Thanks for joining us this week.

  10. It does sound really good, Harvee! I'd read more, for sure. :)

  11. The idea of setting mysteries around Charles Dickens's books is a great one. I see that Lord has written the two mentioned books thus far. I wonder what he has in store for the future.


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