Nov 22, 2013

The Sister Season: a Novel by Jennifer Scott

Friday 56 Rules: *Grab a book, any book.
*Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader  *Find any sentence, (or few, just don't spoil it) that grabs you. *Post it. *Add your (url) post in Linky at Freda's Voice.

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Title: The Sister Season: A Novel by Jennifer Scott
Published November 5, 2013; NAL Trade
Genre: fiction, women's fiction

Book beginning:
Claire was the first to arrive.
Not really a surprise to Elise, as Claire was the most...unattached. No children, no home to button up for a few days, not even a goldfish to find a sitter for.
To Elise, her youngest daughter seemed to be hopelessly and perpetually fearful of making a commitment. The first sign of anything permanent, be it a kitten or a car loan, and the girl oozed Panic Attack and ran for the hills.
Page 56:
Oh, not that Tai didn't care. Of course he did. But Eli was Tai's stepson, not his real son. He couldn't claim Eli's brown eyes or the way he walked on the outer edges of his feet or his natural propensity for algebra.
Book description: 
"A women’s fiction debut featuring three sisters who discover that coming home for the holidays isn’t as easy as it seems… It’s December 21, and the Yancey sisters have been called home. As the years unfolded, the three sisters had scattered and settled into separate lives. Until now.

The Yancey sisters are coming to spend the holidays with their mother. They’re also coming to bury their father. Claire, the youngest, a free spirit who journeyed to California, returns first. Then comes Julia, the eldest, a college professor with a teenage son of her own. And finally there’s Maya, the middle child, who works so hard to be the perfect mother and wife.

 During the sisters’ week together, old conflicts surface, new secrets emerge, and the limits and definitions of family are tested. And as the longest night of the year slips by and brightening days beckon, the sisters will have to answer one question: When you’re a sister, aren’t you a sister forever?"

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Brian Joseph said...

One thing that I thought about when reading your commentary is how common the character of the free spirit without commitments is in books these days. I think that it is OK for authors to use the archetypes as long as they do something original with the character.

The 56% idea of this meme is really interesting and fun. I really should give it a try even if I do not really have the time to put up a post.

gautami tripathy said...

I think I ought to pick it up. I like the premise.

Here is my post

fredamans said...

Nice cover for this time of year!
Elise sounds like she has her reasons to not settle. I'm sure that changes by the end of the story though, right?!
I get the stepchild thing too. Had a step-dad since I was 2 and didn't know for many, many years he was not my dad. I always had an inkling though because we look so different.
Great snippets!

Happy weekend!

Suko said...

Freda's right--great snippets! The Sister Season sounds really good!

Elizabeth said...

Great beginning. I have this book...thanks for sharing.

I will need to move it up in the book pile. :)

Enjoy your weekend.

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