Mar 1, 2014

Sunday Salon: Cold Rain versus Snow

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Snow is expected tonight and tomorrow after a day of moderate temperatures. Only my bones are complaining about today - humid weather does that - and I may welcome the seriously colder temps that are coming. So, I can forget about living in places with persistent cold rain - no Seattle or Vancouver for me, though they are lovely cities to visit.

On the bright side, I have a few new books:

Death in Reel Time I think I will enjoy - a Family History Mystery series.

Above is a more serious novel, about an abduction of a teenager that lasts way too long. I may have to be in the right mood for this one.

What are you reading this week?


  1. When I read the synopsis for Above, I felt the same way... definitely have to be in the right mood for it. It sounds intense!

  2. The weatherman says will have warm weather today and then going back to cold and rain tomorrow. Oh, well. You have two very interesting books. Looking forward to your thoughts on both. Have a great Sunday.

  3. You should probably strike Houston from your list, too. Lovely weather today, though.

    Here's my Sunday Salon.

  4. Above does indeed look troubling. It is this way because such long term abductions do indeed happen all too often. If you read it I really would like to read what you think of it.

  5. Cold but snow here. Luckily, not as much snow as our friends to the south (I live in northcentral Pennsylvania). This week I'll be reading The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie in anticipation of my seeing him on Tuesday.

  6. We're in the deep chill again... just came in from shoveling. I'm looking forward to warm soup for lunch and a good, long read.

  7. My body can deal with humidity to a degree but the cold shuts it d-o-w-n. Although I would have serious problems living in Seattle with all the rain, too, since it makes me sleepy. lol Today is not freezing, but it could definitely stand to be warmer. Though I will not complain since it's slightly warmer. Above does look intense, but does look promising. I will be looking for your review on it.

  8. The mystery intrigues me! I would need to be in the right mood for Above as well. Sorry about all this winter. But spring will be all the more lovely!

  9. Looking forward to spring! The warmer weather yesterday was such a tease. Enjoy your new books.

  10. I am drawn to the Isla Morley the cover, too. I enjoyed a previous book of hers, so I think you are in for a treat.

    Thanks for sharing...and here's MY WEEKLY SUNDAY/MONDAY UPDATES

  11. Both of those look good. Happy reading :)

  12. Above definitely looks like a novel that you need to be in the right mood for! But that's what the first book is for, too lighten your mood a bit in case it needs to be! 'Above' does have a beautiful cover though!
    Thanks for sharing :) I hope you have a great week!
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    Juli @ Universe in Words

  13. I definitely need to be in the right mood for a teenage abduction story. Death in Reel Time sounds a little more enjoyable. I hope we all get better weather soon. It seems like almost everyone is either too hot or too cold. Unfortunately I'm in the too cold part of the world and I dislike cold.

  14. Both are new to me. I hope you enjoy them!

    I don't mind high temps if there isn't much humidity. Cold doesn't really bother me.

  15. It's about 0 degrees here so we've definetly got the cold covered. :)

    Death in reel Time looks good to me.

  16. I don't know either, but Death in Reel Time looks good. Clever title.

    Enjoy your week.

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  17. Above definitely caught my attention now. sounds like something I would enjoy to be honest. it's March already, so the snow should stop now… would you believe it , we still didn't get any snow this winter here in SE England at all!
    Have a great week and Happy Reading!
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