May 31, 2014

Sunday Salon: Gardening and Reading

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My only activity for  Armchair BEA 2014, this year was a giveaway of two cozy mystery paperbacks for U.S. residents which ends tomorrow, June 1. Be sure to enter, in the previous post!

Can't believe I didn't get any new books last week, but then I'm trying to cut down on review books and will visit the library or raid my TBR shelves  in the future. There are a few book tours I have scheduled (I couldn't resist some of the books offered) for the summer, but those come later.Good news on the home reading front - DH has decided to pick up books again after a long hiatus. He is now back to reading Robert Parker and a new suspense author.

 We have also been busy in the garden, which we missed during the long winter. Climbing poles went up for the two variety of beans in the raised veggie bed, and we planted marigolds all over in the hope of discouraging critters from eating flowers and plants (in case this works). The clematis is splendid this year with more buds and flowers than we have ever had.

I am reading a book from the library: a translated novel from German about a Burmese woman who returns home after living and working in NYC: A Well-Tempered Heart by Jan Philipp Sendker. There is some element of magic in it and am enjoying it so far.
Think Like a Freak
Also finished (most of it anyway) is 
Think Like a Freak by the authors of Freakonomics, sent to me by the publisher. The authors tell anecdotes, stories, cite various events to show how thinking outside the box can lead to better results and conclusions and allow you to approach problems and solutions in a more realistic way than the norm. The book's engaging and easy to read. Now, I want to their previous books.

Next to read: a couple of cozies, for variety. 

What will you be doing or reading this week?


  1. I live spending more time in the garden this time of year, too! No blooms on our clematis yet ... a couple more weeks to go, I think. Have a great week!

  2. I never read Fraekanomics but I have heard a lot about it including lots of the interesting situations that the authors talk about. I always wonder about these follow books. Sometimes I fear that they might be filled with the leftovers that did not make the cut for the first book.

    I wonder what your impressions will be if you read the first book.

  3. I have the same goal in mind. To read more from my TBR pile and library books as well. I have one blog tour. Might not do any more of those for a while.

  4. The flowers look nice!
    A Well-Tempered Heart sounds like one I'd enjoy. I'm currently in the middle of Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks.

  5. Your garden sounds great. Petty picture. Have a great week.

  6. Lovely photo! I'm enjoying my tomato garden. The plants are already falling over because they're so big.


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