Sep 9, 2014

The Stone Wife by Peter Lovesey

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The Stone Wife
The Stone Wife (Peter Diamond #14) by Peter Lovesey
To be published September 16, 2014; Soho Crime
Genre: crime fiction, police procedural
First chapter, first paragraph:"Will somebody start me at five hundred?"
A card with a number was raised near the front.
Thank you. Five-fifty. Six hundred. Six-fifty. Seven. Seven-fifty at the back. Eight."
The bidding was keen by West Country standards. Morton's auction house in Bath was used to lots being knocked down almost at once. This had a sense of energy even though the faces were giving nothing away.
(from an advance uncopyedited edition; final copy may differ)
Book description: At a Bath auction house, a large slab of carved stone is up for sale, but  three masked robbers shoot and kill the highest bidder, a professor who has recognized the female figure carved in the stone as Chaucer’s Wife of Bath. The masked would-be thieves flee, leaving the stone behind.  Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond and his team are assigned to investigate, and the stone is moved into Diamond’s office so he can research its origins. The carving causes such difficulties that he starts to think it has jinxed him. (publisher)

Based on the opening paragraph and the book description, would you keep reading? 


  1. I'd keep reading, it sounds intriguing.

  2. like it and want to try this one. enjoyYes, I d

  3. I'm not sure this is for me, but I hope you enjoy it.

    Here's Mine:

  4. Sounds good. I am not familiar with this series.

  5. I like the intro a lot. It's new to me. I sure hope its a good read for you.

  6. If someone can jump into this series without reading the backlist, I might try it out--sounds intriguing.

  7. I'd read more of The Stone Wife!

  8. Rita, this is a whole new story, so you can jump right in to read this stand-alone mystery.

  9. I've never read anything featuring an auction house I've just realised. I would continue.
    The Pegster Reads

  10. I have no idea what is going on so I'd keep reading, for a bit anyway.


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