Feb 6, 2015

Book Beginnings: TRIGGER WARNING by Neil Gaiman

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Trigger Warning: Short Fiction and Disturbances by Neil Gaiman
Published February 3, 2015 William Morrow
Genre: poetry, short stories

Book beginning:
I. Little Triggers 
There are things that upset us. That's not quite what we're talking about here, though. I'm thinking rather about those images or words or ideas that drop like trapdoors beneath us, thrown us out of our safe, sane world into a place much more dark and less welcoming.Our hearts skip a ratatat drumbeat in our chests, and we fight for breath. Blood retreats from our faces and our fingers leaving us pale and gasping and shocked.  
And what we learn about ourselves in those moments, where the trigger has been squeezed, is this: the past is not dead. 
page 56:
I said, "There are many for whom the lure of gold outweighs the beauty of a rainbow."
"Me, when young, for one. You, now, for another."
Book description:

"Neil Gaiman pierces the veil of reality to reveal the enigmatic, shadowy world that lies beneath. Trigger Warning includes previously published pieces of short fiction--stories, verse, and a very special Doctor Who story that was written for the fiftieth anniversary of the beloved series in 2013--as well "Black Dog," a new tale that revisits the world of American Gods, exclusive to this collection.
Trigger Warning explores the masks we all wear and the people we are beneath them to reveal our vulnerabilities and our truest selves. Here is a cornucopia of horror and ghosts stories, science fiction and fairy tales, fabulism and poetry that explore the realm of experience and emotion." (publisher)

My comments: The basis of the book seems to rest on the idea that there are little words, incidents, events, or images that can trigger memories in us, welcome or not. Sometimes without warning. Books fall into this category for Gaiman as well as for me, a reader. I am eager to get into his stories and his thoughts written in prose and verse.

Thanks to William Morrow for a review/feature copy of this book. 


  1. This one does sound tempting...I have yet to read this author, but I am intrigued by this one.

    Here's mine: “THREE DAYS TO FOREVER”

  2. This sounds interesting. Gaiman is an author that I really can't believe I haven't read but hope to this year. Really you had me at Doctor Who story!

  3. I've heard so many wonderful things about Neil Gaiman! He's on my list of TBR authors.
    My Friday post features ROSE’S GIFT.

  4. I want to read this so bad I may have to go get it ASAP! I keep looking at it but not hitting the order button. LOL I think it's time I've read this author:)

    My 56 - http://fuonlyknew.com/2015/02/06/the-friday-56-51-the-promise/

  5. I haven't read anything by this author either! This sounds very intense, Harvee!

  6. I am not familiar with the author. I hope you are enjoying it. Happy reading.

  7. I just finished this one. I have my review coming up, but will tell you I give it 3/5.
    Happy weekend!

  8. I normally do not like his books, but this one sounds like it touches on some important things.

    Oh...I see fredamans gave it a 3/5. I will look for your review and fredamans.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Book Beginnings

  9. This looks really good. I too think that sometimes little things can trigger sometimes very big reactions. I think that books may trigger some of the biggest of these.

  10. I'm reading this one too! Enjoy :)


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