Apr 5, 2015

Mailbox Monday: Mixed Genres

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Thanks to the publishers for the following books and ARCs for review: 

Murder on Amsterdam Avenue by Victoria Thompson; publication May 5, 2015

Second Chance Friends by Jennifer Scott; publication May 5, 2015

An Uncomplicated Life by Paul Daugherty; publication March 17, 2015

When the Moon Is Low by Nadia Hashimi; publication July 21, 2015

In the Dark Places by Peter Robinson; publication August 11, 2015

Losing Faith by Adam Mitzner; publication April 14, 2015

Digital Gold by Nathaniel Popper; publication May 19, 2015

Circling the Sun by Paula McLain; publication July 28, 2015

What's new in your mailbox?

Currently reading:
Rock With Wings by Anne Hillerman, publication date May 5, 2015; Harper


Brian Joseph said...

The setting of Rock with Wings looks to be original and not typical of a mystery. I really like originality in books like this. I look forward to reading about your thoughts on this.

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Second Chance Friends was in my mailbox as well!

Harvee said...

This is the 20th in the Navajo Mysteries featuring Navajo cops on the reservation, Brian. The series was started by Tony Hillerman and is being ontinued by his daughter, Anne. I have read several of the books and really enjoyed them especially as I've never been to Arizona, New Mexico, Utah. This one is set mainly in Monument Valley. It sounds very,very scenic and unusual, I agree..

Harvee said...

Looking forward to reading it, Mary!

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a great mailbox this week. Enjoy!

Harvee said...

Enjoying it, Pat. Thanks!

Kay said...

My mystery book group is reading the first in the Anne Hillerman series for our July meeting. I'm so looking forward to it. Loved her father's books and nice to know that the 2nd of hers is out soon.

Lori's Reading Corner said...

I'm starting Murder On Amsterdam Avenue today. I love this series. I'm also looking forward to the Adam Mitzner book.

Harvee said...

I haven't read the others in the series but glad to know there are others to look forward to, Lori.

Harvee said...

I think it's great that she is picking up where her dad left off. And she is a very good writer too, Kay!

Tea said...

I really like Victoria Thompson. I had another cozy by her. I've put it in the wrong place. lol.

Harvee said...

I am looking forward to this one, Topazshell. Hope you find your cozy!

Elizabeth said...

Very nice mailbox for you. Lots of good books.

I received two of the ones you received. I have already read SECOND CHANCE FRIENDS and enjoyed it. I hope you do too.

I also received In The Dark Places but haven't started it yet.

ENJOY your books and reading week.

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Serena said...

Enjoy your books.

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