Jul 12, 2015

Sunday Salon: The Social Elite in Books

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I went into the bookstore only to browse, started to read this book, then bought it. Seems I've been doing this recently, to the detriment of my pocketbook.
China Rich Girlfriend: A Novel by Kevin Kwan, published June 16, 2015 by Doubleday.
I read the previous novel, Crazy Rich Asians, and enjoyed reading about the antics and manners of the crazy filthy rich in Asia. The author lives in New York, but was raised in Singapore, so it seems he knows of what he writes. Now he tackles the crazy newly rich from mainland China and their interactions with the ones from Southeast Asia.  I am having fun reading it, being relatively poor myself :)

The mailman brought a few interesting books:
A Gilded Grave: A Newport Gilded Age Mystery by Shelley Freydont, to be released August 4, 2015; Berkley
First in a new series... a setting that was America's answer to Downton Abbey? 

In 1895, the height of the Gilded Age, the social elite spend their summers in Newport, Rhode Island. Within the walls of their fabulous “cottages,” competition for superiority is ruthless … and so are the players.  
During her first Newport season, Deanna Randolph attends a ball given in honor of Lord David Manchester, a Barbadian sugar magnate, and his sister, Madeline. But on the nearby cliffs, a young maid lies dead—and suspicion falls on Joseph Ballard, a member of one of the town’s most prestigious families. Deanna and Joe must navigate a world of parties, tennis matches, and séances to find the real murderer. (publisher)
Malice at the Palace: A Royal Spyness Mystery by Rhys Bowen, to be released August 4, 2015; Berkley Lady Georgiana Rannoch won’t deny that being thirty-fifth in line for the British throne has its advantages. Unfortunately, money isn’t one of them.  

While my beau Darcy is off on a mysterious mission, I am once again caught between my high birth and empty purse. I am therefore relieved to receive a new assignment from the Queen. The King’s youngest son, George, is to wed Princess Marina of Greece, and I shall be her companion at the supposedly haunted Kensington Palace.

George is known for his many affairs with women as well as men—including the great songwriter Noel Coward. But when I search the Palace for a supposed ghost only to encounter an actual dead person: a society beauty said to have been one of Prince George’s mistresses.
The Queen wants the whole matter hushed. But as the investigation unfolds—and Darcy, as always, turns up in the most unlikely of places—the investigation brings us precariously close to the prince himself. (publisher)

The Race for Paris by Meg Waite Clayton, to be released August 11, 2015; Harper
A dynamic World War II novel about two American journalists and an Englishman, who together race the Allies to Occupied Paris for the scoop of their lives. Based on daring, real-life female reporters on the front lines of history like Margaret Bourke-White, Lee Miller, and Martha Gellhorn—and with cameos by other famous faces of the time.

These books are all fabulous! I can't wait to review them!

What do you have in your mailbox this week? 


  1. Oh yes, The Race for Paris. You must post about that during Paris in July, I think!


  2. I must have a copy of the new Meg Waite Clayton! Love the cover...and this author.

    Malice at the Palace looks tempting, too. Enjoy! Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  3. The Race for Paris does sound good. I have the same problem- stop in the bookstore, just to "browse", and end up carrying a bag out. Sigh. Anyway have a great week!

  4. All these books look great, especially the Rhys Bowen!

  5. All of these sound intriguing to me :)

  6. Love all the covers!! Have a good week!

  7. The Race for Paris sounds super good!

  8. The Race for Paris and A Gilded Grave sound really good!

  9. It does look like you picked up a good bunch of books.

    Not buying books when visiting a bookstore used to to be a near impossibility for me. I have gotten that addiction under control. At least for now.

  10. It looks like a fabulous collection. Enjoy!

  11. I really need to read Crazy Rich Asians because China Rich Girlfriend looks amazing!

    Heather @ Random Redheaded Ramblings

  12. OOOh, I know which one is going on my MM list this week! :)

  13. I luv all your books. Enjoy each one. I like Rhys Bowen's mysteries.

  14. They all look so good.

    China Rich Girlfriend and A Gilded Grave are looking like very good reads to me.

    ENJOY your week.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday

  15. All of these are the type of books I love to read. You are so lucky! Can't wait for your reviews!


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