Nov 20, 2015

Book Beginning: The Story of Land and Sea by Katy Simpson Smith

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The Story of Land and Sea by Katy Simpson Smith, hardcover published 2014 by Harper
Genre: historical fiction
Source: ARC
Set in a small coastal town in North Carolina during the waning years of the American Revolution, this novel follows three generations of family—fathers and daughters, mother and son, master and slave, characters who yearn for redemption amidst a heady brew of war, kidnapping, slavery, and love. (publisher)

Book beginning:
On days in August when sea storms bite into the North Carolina coast, he drags a tick mattress into the hall and tells his daughter stories, true and false, about her mother. The wooden shutters clatter, and Tabitha folds blankets around them to build a softness for the storm. He always tells of their courting days, of her mother's shyness. She looked like a straight tall pine from a distance; only when he got close could he see her trembling. 
page 56:
Above decks he takes his plate of meat and bread and accepts the stares of the seamen, who know he carried the fever onto their ship. 
I haven't read many books on this time period, the days at the end of the American Revolution and right after, The writing captured my attention and I'm eager to read it though I got the ARC about a year ago.

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  1. I like the beginning a lot - I've read some books set in this era and enjoyed them - will have to add this to my list. Here's my Friday post

  2. I don't often read historical novels, but this one does sound captivating. Thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “REMEMBER MIA”

  3. I think it's bound to reveal a revelation. Great choice.

  4. Sounds like an interesting story. I like historical mysteries and romances but don't usually read straight historical fiction. I'm numbers 13 & 14 on Freda's linky, come see my Friday 56s. Happy reading!

  5. It has been awhile since I read a book about the end of the civil war, I should change that. Happy Friday!

  6. I really like the descriptions in this beginning. Would like to learn more about the mother.

  7. I like the writing style and while it's a time period I've read a lot of nonfiction about this time period I don't think I've read any fiction set during it. Hope you enjoy it!

  8. I read this a while ago.

    If I remember, it was a bit difficult to follow, but I liked the book.

    I hope you enjoy it.

    I love the cover.

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    My Book Beginnings

  9. This is a terrific intro to the book. I hope your weekend is wonderful, Harvee.

  10. This one sounds good, I like the time period. Enjoy.

  11. I really like the sound of this one. Happy reading!

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