Jan 4, 2016

2016 100+Book Challenge: List of Books Read/Reviewed

I am signing up again for the 100+ Book Challenge hosted by Freda's Voice. Click on this link to join in and enter your books read/reviewed each month in Freda's linky.

My first books for 2016:

1. A Wee Dose of Death: A Scotshop Mystery #2 by Fran Stewart

2.  Moonlight Over Paris by Jennifer Roson, historical romance

3.  River Road by Cara Goodman, suspense

4.  The Opposite of Everyone by Joshilyn Jackson, women's fiction

5. Dead to the Last Drop by Cleo Coyle, cozy mystery

6. The Witch's Market by Mingmei Yip, fiction

7. The Drowning by Camilla Lackberg, suspense 

8. Under the Influence by Joyce Maynard

9. Killer Cupcakes by Leighann Dobbs

10. The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty by Vendela Vida

11. The Passenger by Lisa Lutz, thriller

12. How to Start a Fire by Lisa Lutz, women's fiction

13. The Daylight Marriage by Heidi Pitlor, contemporary fiction

14. Sire and Damn by Susan Conant, mystery

15. Dishing the Dirt by M. C. Beaton, mystery

16, Lone Star by Paullina Simons, romance, contemporary fiction

17. North of Here by Laurel Saville, contemporary fiction

18. Cambodia Noir by Nicholas Seeley, thriller/adventure

20. The Rain Sparrow by Linda Goodnight, romance

21. The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman, historical fiction

22. Night Night, Sleep Tight by Nora Ephron, thriller

23. The Girl from Home by Adam Mitzner, suspense

24. Blood Orange by Susan Wittig Albert, mystery

25. The Strangler Vine by M.J.Carter, historical fiction

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  1. Thanks for joining in the challenge, Harvee! Here's to making 100, and you're off to a great start! Happy reading!


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