Jan 30, 2016

Finding Good Books Though Websites

17 Ways to Find Good Books To Read is a website that I just discovered that has links to sites such as

1. The Book Seer, which offers suggestions based on the last book you read and really liked.

2. All Nobel Prizes in Literature, a list of the winning authors from the beginning of the prize.

3. The Top 100 Books of All Time, a list of books nominated by writers from around the world.

4. Whichbook helps you select books based on a variety of criteria you choose.

5. Other suggestions: Goodreads, Penguin's Classics, Pulitzer Prize WinnersThe Man Booker Prize Winners, the library, etc.

I have just asked The Book Seer for a recommendation. It gave me a couple of other books by the same author I just finished reading, plus at least six more that I have not heard about but am eager to try. I have jotted these down and want to see if the suggestions are really good for me.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a great resource. Thanks for sharing the link Harvee!

Vicki said...

Thanks for the links! I'll be checking them out.

Brian Joseph said...

Thanks for the links.

I like to peruse bookish websites. TI really do not need to find more books that I want to read as I have more books I want to read then I have enough time for in my lifetime. When I visit these sites I end up adding to my insurmountable pile :{

On the sites that contain lists I like to compare and count how many I have already read.

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