Jan 20, 2016

Green Belt Sudoku by Frank Longo

I figured I could handle Green Belt sudoku, a second degree level, having played easy sudoku for some years. So I've graduated to this book, though I have tackled harder levels too with varied amounts of success.

Green Belt Sudoku describes a slightly different way to solve the puzzles, and combined with my old techniques, has helped my success rate! I use a pencil so I can start over if I mess up, as not all of these puzzles are easy.

My new sudoku book rivals my reading and I don't mind as I can do the puzzles while the TV is on, something I can't do well when I'm in the middle of a book.

And I don't knit or crochet, so.....


  1. Harvee, I used to play Sudoku, long ago, before I became Suko. Now I rarely play (although I still think it's a great game). Instead, I play a lot of Words with Friends these days, which sometimes rivals my reading.

  2. I used to play Sudoku a lot when I ran the office for my daughter's father in law at his towing business. I haven't played in a while though. This book looks like the perfect book to get started again.


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