Feb 25, 2016

Book Feature: No Cats Allowed by Miranda James

No Cats Allowed (Cat in the Stacks #7) by Miranda James, published February 23, 2016 by Berkley.

MIssissippi librarian Charlie Harris and his Maine Coon cat Diesel must clear a friend, Melba, when she is accused of a murder she didn't commit… The victim, library director Elwyn Dillard, is declaring all four-legged creatures banned from the stacks, among other things.....Is this the reason he is killed? 

Opening sentences: 
"He's out there again today, Charlie," Molly Gilley made the announcement as she strode hurriedly into my office at the Athena College Library. "Do you think we should call the campus police?"
Diesel, my Maine Coon cat, jumped down from his perch on the window ledge behind my desk and ambled around to greet Melba. The two adored each other, and if anyone could calm Malba down, Diesel could. 
This is the seventh in the series, featuring librarian Charlie Harris and his Maine coon cat, Diesel. Are you a cat and mystery lover? This series is for you!

Thanks to publisher for a review/feature copy of this book. 


  1. Sounds like a cute, cat cozy!

  2. My reads several cat mystery series. She has not tried this one but she ttells me that she might give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. This sounds good. The only cat mysteries I've read have been in The Cat Who series.


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