Apr 12, 2016

Moss Hysteria by Kate Collins

Moss Hysteria: A Flowershop Mystery #18 by Kate Collins, published April 5, 2016 by NAL
Flower shop owner Abby Knight and her husband Marco’s new neighborhood isn’t as rosy as it seems in the latest Flower Shop Mystery from the author of Florist Grump and A Root Awakening.

Publisher description: When a body is found floating in a nearby pond, the police think Abby and Marco’s helpful next door neighbor is the culprit, but the newlyweds aren’t convinced. 

Opening paragraphs:
"Marco, would you get the door, please?" I waited for a response, but my request was met by silence. The doorbell pealed again, so I stopped unwrapping our mismatched wineglasses to call, "Marco? Where'd you go?" 
He didn't answer - he was probably taking our dog, Seedy, to the backyard - so I stepped around the pile of crumpled newspaper in the kitchen and hurried to the front hallway.... 
I opened the door to find nine women on my porch....
Judging by the number of books in this series - 18 - the flower shop mysteries are pretty popular. Readers who are gardeners and flower lovers as well as cozy readers abound. This series combines the themes. 

The specific topics of Moss Hysteria are newlyweds, a new neighborhood, new neighbors, and secrets to be found in a new environment by our old friends - the amateur sleuths. 


Suko said...

I like the idea of a cozy that's about flowers and gardening, especially at this time of the year! :)

Brian Joseph said...

I think that my wife would like the theme of this series. I will recommend it too her.

Eighteen books seems like so many!

I love the title of this one.

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