May 6, 2016

Book Beginning: A DROP IN THE OCEAN by Jenni Ogden

The Friday 56. Grab a book, turn to page 56 or 56% of your eReader. Find any sentence that grabs you. Post it, and add your URL post in Linky at Freda's Voice. Also visit Book Beginning at Rose City Reader.
A Drop in the Ocean by Jenni Ogden, released May 3, 2016, published by She Writes Press. 

Book beginning:
On my forth-ninth birthday my shining career came to an inauspicious end. It took with it the jobs of four promising young scientists and catapulted my loyal research technician into premature retirement, an unjust reward for countless years of dedicated scut work.That April 6th began in exactly the same manner as all my birthdays over the previous fifteen years - Eggs Benedict with salmon, a slice of homemade wholemeal bread spread thickly with marmalade, and not one but two expressos at an Italian cafe in downtown Boston....
Page 56:
One morning as we were sitting on her deck relishing our second cup of coffee, she asked me again why I didn't swim or snorkel, and this time I told her. 
Book description: On her 49th birthday, Anna Fergusson, Boston neuroscientist, arrives at an unwanted crossroads when the funding for her research lab is cut. On impulse she rents a cabin for a year on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. However Turtle Island, alive with sea birds and nesting Green turtles, is not the retreat she expected. (goodreads)
What are you reading this weekend?


  1. I hope you are enjoying this one. It sounds intriguing. I'm spotlighting Heart of Brass by Kate Cross from my TBR mountain this week. Happy reading!

  2. This is a new discovery for me, and I like the sound of it. Also really love the sound of that birthday breakfast! Thanks for sharing, and enjoy the read!

  3. I love a book set at a crossroads...I'm reading one right now. Thanks for sharing...and enjoy. Here's mine: “THE OTHER TYPIST”

    1. I love the cover of this book! It sound like one I would like. Enjoy!

  4. Sounds like it has a lot going on, but in a good way. :-) Happy weekend!

  5. I've heard this is a good one. Hope you enjoy it:)

    My Friday 56 from Assassin's Heart

  6. Sounds like a good way to kick off a birthday! :)
    Check out my Friday 56 (With Book Beginnings).


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