Jul 10, 2016

Sunday Salon: Romance, Adventure, Memoir

A romance novel, an adventure novel, and a memoir are among the new additions to my bookshelves.

The Last Treasure by Erika Marks is a new adventure and romance novel about three college friends involved in a search for a lost nineteenth century schooner along the Carolina Banks.

The Mountain Story by Lori Lansens will be out in paperback this week by Simon and Schuster.
Four young hikers have to rely on each other when they become lost in a mountain wilderness.

Dressing a Tiger: A Memoir by Maggie San Miguel hasn't been listed with amazon or goodreads as yet, so I couldn't get a cover photo to post. To be released in October, it is by a woman who grew up in a mob family. The link above is for the Kirkus review of the memoir.

I borrowed from the library and finished M.C, Beaton's new mystery, Death of a Nurse, in less than a day. Here is my goodreads mini review:

Another excellent and entertaining Hamish Macbeth mystery novel. This time Hamish shares the spotlight with his new policeman in the Highlands village station, Charley. I hope the personable and likeable Charley sticks around for a while, unlike the previous policemen sent out to help Hamish, who eventually left for one reason or another.
My current read is Jane Green's new romance and contemporary fiction, Falling,

which I'm reading for a book tour organized by the publisher. A former banker leaves a high-powered job in NYC for a quiet waterfront town in Connecticut and has to find a new home, a new career, and a new love. Of course, she does all three.

New resolutions: Since I have to cull my books because of lack of space, I've decided to give away lighter general fiction, keeping mystery novels, literary novels, and all nonfiction. That breaks my heart, but I have found a few nonprofit service organizations that should put the books to good use.

Keep cool for the rest of this week!
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  1. I'm culling left and right these days. What was it that Thoreau said? Simplify, simplify, simplify?


  2. I also hate to give up books. Lack of room is beginning to turn into an issue in my household too however.

    I have a fantasy of owning a house that includes a large spacious library.

  3. It's hard to find room for everything. I may have to do a culling myself soon. My spare bedroom looks like a book warehouse!

  4. Giving up books is painful but there does come a time when it needs to happen. Having less will probably help you read more of what you have because you can find it! The Last Treasure looks fantastic. Adding it to my TBR! Have a great week!

  5. I really like M.C. Beaton. You make me want to read this one immediately. I like The Last Treasure too. It reminds me of a book titled Cab's Lantern by Jeff Russell.

  6. I have gone through culling (purging) over the past couple of years. Lately I am trying to buy and review mostly Kindle books...they don't take up space, and rest forever on the cloud. LOL.

    I am getting Falling from Vine this next week. Can't wait, but it's a print book. However, those books end up going into the cull bin, too, being ARCs.

    Enjoy! Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  7. Yes, weeding our books is tough, but think of all the joy that someone else will get from them. :-)

  8. The Last Treasure sounds interesting, I like the idea of a latter day treasure hunt along the Carolina coast. Hope it's great!

  9. The Last Treasure looks really good!

  10. I cull regularly - there's just no way I'll ever be able to read all of the books on my shelves or Kindle. The library used book sale benefits so it's a win-win. Enjoy your new books. I look forward to reading The Last Treasure.

  11. All your books look interesting to me. Yeah, I need to start giving some books away too. I do that every two years or so. I love simplifying. It's so liberating. :-)

  12. I weeded thoroughly a couple of years ago and have tried to be selective about what I keep but it is time to look over the shelves again. I have no more room to build more shelves! I like the assortment of books you received and are reading. Variety is the spice of life! Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  13. The Last Treasure is a gorgeous cover. I've learned to only keep the books I know that I will reread. That's been huge for my book shelves. 2 Kids and Tired Books MM

  14. I'll be interested to know what you thought of the Jane Green book. She is very hit and miss with me so I always wait until I hear what others thought of her books before I try them.

  15. I need to add The Last Treasure to my wish list. I think I saw it at a bookstore in Manteo, NC this past week. They like to feature books set in the Outer Banks.

    Thanks for visiting The Busy Mom's Daily.


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