Oct 3, 2016

The Gilded Chalet: Off-piste in Literary Switzerland by Padraig Rooney: Mailbox Monday

The Gilded Chalet: Off-piste in Literary Switzerland,  by Padraig Rooney, November 19, 2015.
This is a book to be read at leisure and savored in small bites.

The Gilded ChaletSwitzerland has always provided a refuge for writers attracted to it as an escape from world wars, oppression, tuberculosis - or marriage.

 While often for Swiss writers from Rousseau to Bouvier the country was like a gilded prison or sanatorium. The Romantics, the utopians (Wells, D. H. Lawrence) and other spiritual seekers (Hesse), viewed Switzerland as a land of milk and honey, as nature's paradise. In the twentieth century, spying in neutral Switzerland, spawned espionage and detective fiction from Conan Doyle to Maugham, Fleming, and Le CarrĂ©. 

Literary detective work and treasure chest, history and scandal, The Gilded Chalet will make you strap on your skis and come off-piste to find out the real Swiss story.  (publisher)

My Mailbox Monday features a wonderful literary history set in Switzerland!


  1. I'm soooo jealous. This book looks yummy.

  2. I was really excited when this showed up in my mailbox. Enjoy!

  3. This book looks good.

    It does look like a book that needs to be savored.

    Have a wonderful week.

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  4. It's been in a few mailboxes this week. Hope it's a good read!

  5. This sounds wonderful, Harvee. Enjoy!

  6. I hadn't heard of this one before seeing it in mailboxes this week. Looks very tempting! Hope you enjoy and have a great week!

  7. This one sounds wonderful; I saw it on Kathy's blog too!


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